Eilat Mayor To Sue Man Who Vacationed In City Knowing He Was COVID-19 Positive


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On Sunday, Eilat Mayor Meir Yitzchak-Halevi announced that he is filing a lawsuit against the man from the north of Israel who vacationed at a hotel in Eilat for three days, knowing that he was positive for COVID-19. The threatened lawsuit is in the amount of NIS 250,000 for damages suffered by the city and the tourism industry as a result of the man’s actions.

In a letter that was physically handed to the culprit after he was caught by police in the city and forcibly evicted with his family, Attorney Ophir Miller PhD., wrote in the name of the mayor: “The fact that you decided to leave your home, stay in a hotel and walk around in public spaces of Eilat is a direct violation of the isolation that you were under and presents a direct risk of infecting others and spreading the coronavirus and endangering public safety.”

The letter also stated that the city invests large amounts of money in an effort to protect the safety of those who travel there in order to facilitate the tourism industry in the city, especially during the current economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

“The city is not planning to allow this issue to pass regarding the actions of the man in question, and it is our plan to extract every ounce of punishment that can be obtained under the law in all of its stringencies,” the mayor said.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The crime committed is way more serious than tax-evasion.
    $100,000 tax evasion is exactly that, and no more.
    What this fellow did is immeasurable. The amount of pain and suffering, headache and heartache he is recklessly wreaking havoc, and it has countless ripple effects. The damage to the economy is huge.
    This crime should have a penalty of 6 months locked up PLUS 100,000 NIS fine. Or more.

    [Of course can’t pass judgement on any particular person before hearing his side of the story…..]

  2. They’re suing him for NIS 250000?! if he really went around infecting people that seems like a RIDICULOUSLY small amount of money !