WATCH: Hebrew-Speaking Emiratis Invite Israelis To The UAE


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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu posted a video of Emiratis welcoming Israelis to visit the UAE in Hebrew. The video was promoted by the UAE Foreign Ministry as well as by Netanyahu.

The video opens to the sound of the Hava Nagila tune and then a young Emirati man appears and speaks in Hebrew: “Shalom. My name is Khalifa Saeed Al-Mahmoud. We were born and educated in the UAE, under the leadership of Sheikh Zayed, of blessed memory.”

The voice of a female narrator is then heard saying: “Sheikh Zayed instilled in us the concept of mutual tolerance. The peace agreement between the UAE and State of Israel kindled hope for the region to strengthen our economic and safety ties.”

“The UAE believes in global humanity and the right of all countries in the world to live in security and peace,” Al-Mahmoud says.

“Welcome to the United Arab Emirates, the country of Sheikh Zayed, the country of compassion, humanity, and generosity.”

“We’re waiting to see you,” the female narrator concludes.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)