WATCH IT: Cuomo, Who MURDERED THOUSANDS In Nursing Homes, Says Trump “Caused The COVID Outbreak In NY”

PHOTO: Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo)

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said Tuesday that President Trump “caused the COVID[-19] outbreak in New York” by not announcing a European travel ban sooner.

The New York governor criticized Trump and the federal government for not providing funding to New York City and New York state governments to deal with the aftermath from the coronavirus pandemic during a press briefing Tuesday. And he alleged the administration, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), caused the pandemic in his state.

“Donald Trump caused the COVID outbreak in New York,” Cuomo said. “That is a fact. It’s a fact that he admitted, and the CDC admitted, and Fauci admitted.”

Cuomo slammed Trump for calling the virus the “Chinese virus” and not declaring the European travel ban in time, saying, “They missed it.” The governor also labeled Trump’s CDC, National Institutes of Health and Department of Homeland Security as “incompetent.”

(Source: The Hill)


  1. Cuomo has proven to be far from trustworthy. There are reports recently that there is a growing chance that Trump can carry New York in the elections. The village idiot in Albany needs to counter that. So he resorts to the Democratic party playbook. Fabricate anything negative about Trump, and repeat it often enough that the MSM buys it, and perpetuates the narrative. Trouble is, it is nothing more than a lie. These Dems need to be voted out of office.

  2. WgFPD2, following your stupid idiotic logic Trump saved 2,010,000 lives because “experts” informed us that Wuhan virus will kill 2,2M Americans by end of summer. Stop spreading Democrat propaganda and get a life.

  3. Trump is personally responsible for tens of thousands of deaths including many Jews. Coumo turned around new York from being from the most dangerous states to the best. He’s smart for listening to science and not to the Mass murderer YM”S

  4. @aymdock yes, your moron Governor Couomo is a rodef he killed people by putting infected people in t nursing homes.
    Man wake up.
    @WgFPD2 You have no logic you can’t think clearly.

  5. Cuomo murdered his thousands,
    Trump his hundreds of thousands
    YWN has become as incoherent as trump bragging about his crowd size or ramp run

  6. So anyone who wants to blame Cuomo for these nursing home deaths, must also blame trump for many of the almost 200,000 dead across the country for his completely incompetent bungling and ignoring of the pandemic in this country. The trump virus has been a disaster.

  7. All stupid morons on this forum who blame Trump for Wuhan-19 deaths are engaged in blood libel and spreading Marxist Democrat propaganda talking points.

  8. Most of these comments fall under “antagonizing the goyim”, not to mention the ones in office.

    This is a public forum.

    Maybe use a little bit of seichel, both you posters and what posts you YWN allows to go through?

    Hashem Yirachem!

  9. rt, I blame dems for destructing the president and everyone else with their political impeachment garbage from the issue of covid-19. It’s all Pelosi’s and Schiff’s fault!