Tragedy In Israel: 35-Yr.-Old Father Of 7 Dies Of COVID-19


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R’ Pinchas Eliyahu Waldstein, z’l, of the southern Israeli town of Yerucham, passed away of the coronavirus on erev Shabbos at the age of 35.

R’ Waldstein, who had no pre-existing medical conditions, contracted the coronavirus almost two months ago and was hospitalized in Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva. His condition deteriorated and he was sedated and attached to a respirator. Later, as his condition continued to deteriorate, he was also hooked up to an ECMO machine.

R’ Waldstein was a respected avreich and an active and beloved member of the Chareidi community in Yerucham. At the beginning of the outbreak of the coronavirus, he opened a yeshivah in Yerucham for Sefardi yeshiva bochurim.

“It was all his initiative,” one of the community members told B’Chadrei Chareidim. “He established a special Beis Medrash for bochurim and stayed in touch with their parents and their yeshivos.”

R’ Waldstein left behind a wife and seven young children and his parents and siblings.

A fund was set up to assist the family. You can donate here. 

R’ Waldstein, z’l, with his Rav Muvhak, HaRav Tzvi Rottenberg, Rosh Yeshivas Beit Meir.

Yehi Zichro Baruch.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Your comment that the Niftar had no pre existing medical conditions is not only not germane to the topic at hand but it is a deliberately misleading statement. From the two pictures of the Niftar that you published it is obvious that the Niftar was obese. Obesity has been identified as the number one risk factor in bad medical outcomes when people suffer from complications form SARS COV 2. Obesity should absolutely be counted as a pre existing medical condition and medical authorities should have been instructing people to lower their risk to “COVID” by changing their diet and exercising. Instead the authorities have shut people in their homes where they have been eating high caloric junk food and gaining a lot of wait thereby increasing their risk of death from SARS COV 2. Hashem Yinkom Damo.