30-Yr.-Old Israeli With No Health Issues Dies Of COVID

ליאור מבורך ז״ל

A 30-year-old Israeli father of two with no underlying health conditions passed away of COVID-19 on Tuesday night.

The niftar, Lior Mevorach, z’l, was a resident of Lod in central Israel.

“Our hearts are breaking!” wrote Lod Mayor Yair Revivo. “Lior Mevorach, z’l, of Lod, a 30-year-old man of great talent, succumbed tonight to the cruel coronavirus.”

“My consolations to Liat, his heroic wife, and their two small daughters who were left orphans.”

“I plead with you, adhere to regulations and go get vaccinated!” the mayor pleaded. “The new variant targets young people and directly attacks the lungs.”

Yehi Zichro Baruch.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It’s of interest that no mention was made in the press release as to whether the niftar had received either one or both of the cv vaccines. Is this no longer relevant?