WATCH: Pfizer CEO on Yom Ha’atzmaut: “I Take Immense Pride In Israel”

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla congratulates Israel on its 73rd Independence Day. (Screenshot)

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Israel paid tribute to the chief executive of international drug maker Pfizer Inc. during its Independence Day celebrations Wednesday, thanking him for a partnership that has helped the country carry out one of the world’s most successful coronavirus vaccination campaigns.

At Israel’s main Independence Day ceremony in Jerusalem, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla delivered a recorded video message broadcast on national TV: “Together we are demonstrating that through mass vaccination we can defeat the COVID-19 pandemic and save lives.” Bourla, a son of Jewish Holocaust survivors from Greece, had reportedly been invited to attend in person as a representative of Diaspora Jewry but was unable to come.

In response to heavy lobbying from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Bourla agreed to provide Israel with enough Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines to inoculate the country of 9.3 million people. In return, Israel has agreed to share data from its campaign with Pfizer.

Israel has vaccinated over three-quarters of its adult population in just over three months. Infection rates have plummeted, allowing the country to reopen its economy in recent weeks. Although Israel has come under some criticism for not sharing more of its vaccine supplies with the Palestinians, its vaccination campaign is widely seen as a success.

“We have shown that there is a path back to normal, and that definitely is something the entire world can celebrate,” Bourla said.

The video was shown during celebrations at Mt. Herzl, a compound that includes Israel’s national cemetery. The ceremony included musical performances and the lighting of symbolic torches by people recognized for their contributions to society.

The evening celebrations began the transition from Israeli Memorial Day, a solemn day honoring fallen soldiers and victims of militant attacks, to the joy surrounding Israel’s 73rd anniversary of independence. The celebrations continue Thursday, when millions of Israelis are expected to flock to beaches and parks for picnics and barbecues and while the air force performs flyovers across the country.



  1. Such hypocrisy!! In the same time Pfizer CEO says “we are demonstrating that through mass vaccination we can defeat the COVID-19 pandemic” and “We have shown that there is a path back to normal”, Netanyahu, who is vaccinated, and the crowed around him, who are probably also vaccinated, are all wearing masks. If the vaccine defeats Covid then why are they still wearing masks?!?

  2. @Shully
    It’s not even a conspiracy anymore. It is now open and obvious that this is one big scam, one has to be either blind dumb or both to not see it. Vaxx-passports, ‘pandemic’, endless bombardments of ads about these so called ‘vaccines’ with no trials/guarantees/accountability
    They will say they are wearing masks for the ‘variant CoviD’. Ha! You watch and see how all the LONG TERM REACTIONS TO THESE VACCINES will be called symptoms ‘Covid Variants’, requiring people to take more Garbage drug ‘Vaccines’ called boosters, which will in effect cause another cycle of a new ‘Variant’
    My dear brothers and sisters – Please don’t risk your health for these ‘vaccines’!! Please educate yourselves before you decide what to do. I typed vaccines in quotation marks because these aren’t the standard vaccines. They’re a new technological make up drug that they call vaccine but it isn’t a vaccine.