WATCH: Undercover Cops Disguised As Chareidim Attacked By Arabs

Two undercover police officers disguised as Chareidim were violently attacked by Arab youth near Sha’ar Yafo in east Jerusalem on Sunday night. In a frightening sign of how determined the Arabs were to harm the “Chareidim,” the assailants continued to threaten the officer and push him even after he pulled out his gun and pointed it in the air, continuing the attack without any apparent fear of being shot. A large number of security forces arrived at the scene in order to restore order. השוטר עם אקדח באוויר והערבי עדיין ממשיך לאיים על השוטר ולדחוף אותו, התיעוד הכי מטורף שתראו. — אריאל אלחרר (@ariel_elharar_) April 25, 2021 The police later issued a statement, saying: “Undercover police forces involved in a special operation in the area of Sha’ar Yafo in Jerusalem arrested two suspects who attacked two officers innocently strolling the area. Two suspects, residents of east Jerusalem, were taken in for questioning.” (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)