WATCH: Biden Says He Was Unaware Of Giuliani Raid: ‘I Give You My Word, I Was Not’


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President Biden said he did not know about the FBI plans to raid the home of former President Trump’s personal attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani before it happened, and that he learned of the operation “when the rest of the world learned about it.”

NBC News asked Biden in a Thursday interview if he was aware of the FBI raid on Giuliani’s home beforehand.

“I give you my word I was not,” Biden replied. “I made a pledge. I would not interfere in any way or try to stop any investigation the Justice Department had underway. I learned about that last night when the rest of the world learned about it. My word — I had no idea this was underway.”



  1. Obama often made the same explanation, that he heard about things the way everyone else did. He lied and Biden’s word is worth nothing since he is a liar and plagiarist among other things

  2. Everyone is playing their lane. They don’t need the president involved. See how well the country runs on its own with those behind the curtain playing their lanes?

  3. Biden’s word is worth nothing, but in this case what he’s saying is very believable. Of course he didn’t know; he doesn’t know much. Why would they bother telling him? I’m sure Harris knew, though.

  4. Why not focus on the fact that Rudy is a corrupt operative who tried to coerce the Ukraine into creating a story about the Bidens in order to get the aid they needed to fend off Russia? Rudy belongs in jail. Your focus on Biden is silly, and shows a willingness to bless major corruption by playing an empty game of what-aboutism to cover up your complicity with immoral crooks. To support Rudy is to support lies, the use of the Oval Office by Trump and his lawyer to bully countries into lying to pretend that Trump is the best candidate by making up stuff about his opponents. The fact is that William Barr, Trumps Attorney General declined to prosecute the Bidens. He delined to prosecute Hillary. He declined to prosecute Obama. The fact is Republicans slander and accuse based on no evidence. They repeat the lies thousands of times and never get anywhere in courts and you repeat the “rumors” on these pages. It’s time to stop attacking people just because they won’t promise to give you stuff, and stop protecting the people who are criminals and are enemies of ethics and morality, no matter how much stuff they give Jews in America and Israel.

  5. MarkJW, make up your stupid mind. Did Giuliani try to coerce the Ukraine, or was he working for it? You can’t have it both ways.

    The fact is that Hillary Clinton is a career felon who should have been in prison decades ago, and Biden is corrupt to the bone, and your willingness to lie and defame people in order to defend them speaks volumes about your own character. Like ALL Democrats you are a dishonest person.

  6. Milhouse, several top Trump associated have been jailed for breaking the law. None of Obama’s, Clinton’s or Biden’s close associates have been. Trump is trying to overturn the election results, certified in states run by Repulicans. Trump went to court 86 times to challenge the election results and lost 86 times. Now he is just telling everyone who will listen that he really won and his followers believe him despite all evidence. Unfortunately, fact don’t matter to Republicans. Hatred and slander is how they fill their days.