WATCH: Gafni Calls For War: “Bennett – The Name Of Reshaim Will Rot”

Ahead of the swearing-in of the Bennett-Lapid government on Sunday, the UTJ and Shas parties held a rare meeting together on Tuesday in order to prepare a strategy to combat the anti-religious laws of the incoming government. The chairmen of the Chareidi parties, Aryeh Deri and Moshe Gafni, who will soon leave their senior positions in the Interior Ministry and Finance Committee for the opposition, spoke at the beginning of the meeting, slamming the government for the anti-religious laws in the coalition agreements, which were revealed on Monday. “After part of the agreements were publicized, we decided to hold this shared meeting in order to plan how to deal with the great dangers,” Deri said. “Seventy-three years ago, when the state was established, Ben-Gurion understood that in order to maintain a shared society, a status quo must be reached, according to which Chareidim and Chilonim can live, in order to preserve the identity of the state. There have always been struggles, but everyone has maintained a status quo.” “After the agreements were revealed, it turns out that a terrible thing has befallen Israel,” Deri added: “The Jewish state is in danger, it’s a matter of uprooting religion. Under the auspices of kippah wearers, they’re going to fulfill the long-standing dreams of Meretz, Labor, the Reform, Lapid, and Lieberman.” “The state, led by Bennett, is going to destroy everything we’ve preserved for years – the identity of the Jewish state. This government will destroy Shabbos, kashrus, the Rabbanut and conversion, and we’ll have to resort to family trees [to confirm Jewish status].” Gafni then spoke: “A despicable act has been committed in Israel – no Shabbos, no conversion, no chinuch, no Torah, no taharas ha’yichus. I’ve been in the Knesset for many years, and I don’t remember such a document of defiance against Shamayim, defiance that we have no part or nachala in Elokei Yisrael. There hasn’t been a government that dared to do even a tenth of what is stated in these coalition agreements.” “Naftali Bennett – the name of the wicked will rot,” Gafni shouted “There will be a war! There will be nothing he can do, this evil man, the partner in these agreements.” Gafni addressed Yamina voters: “Boycott these people so you won’t share a chelek and nachala with them.” (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)