HEARTBREAKING: Eitan, 5-Yr.-Old Survivor, Told About His Parents’ Death

Amit Biran, z'l, Tal Peleg-Biran, z'l, Tom Biran, z'l, and Eitan Biran.

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Eitan Biran, the 5-year-old survivor of the cable car disaster in Italy last month, was told that his parents and brother were killed.

Eitan’s close relatives have been constantly by his side, including his aunt, maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother, and a psychologist is working closely with Eitan and his family.

Eitan’s uncle, Ron, said that after Eitan recovers, the family members will bring him to Israel, Channel 12 News reported.

Although his condition is improving every day, he won’t be up to traveling for quite a while.

“This will be a long and complex process,” a lawyer for the family told the La Repubblica newspaper. “He is improving physically but there is no clear indication as to when he will be released from the Torino Hospital and be able to return to Israel.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Poor kid! If only he had the Aibershter in his life to hold onto – to feel the Aibershter’s hugs and kisses!
    ‘שינחמהו וירפאהו ה