HORRIFIC: Extremists Vandalize Memorial Posters Of Meron Victims [SEE THE VIDEO]


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A small group of extremists vandalized memorial posters of the 45 victims of the Meron tragedy at Meron in the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday morning.

Footage from the security cameras shows the extremists arriving at the “walkway of death” in Meron at 3:00 a.m. and ripping the posters off the wall.

A source told B’Chadrei Chareidim that the group is apparently part of a larger group of extremists, possibly the Neturei Karta, who were in the north as part of a group visit to the tzion of the Arizal in Tzfat. He added that the guards who are supposed to patrol the area day and night weren’t there when it happened.

Representatives of the families of the Meron victims filed a complaint to the police following the incident.

Israel Police stated: “Upon receiving the report of the destruction of the memorial posters of the Meron victims, the police began efforts to identify and locate the perpetrators. The investigation is ongoing and the police are engaging in efforts to detain them.”

[Yeshivat Sha’alvim Launches Memorial In Memory Of Donny Morris Z”L Who Passed Away In The Meron Tragedy]

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. He looks very similar to the person who was collecting Tzedaka in Lakewood. Maybe it was a brother.
    I guess the next time they come knocking on my door for Tzedaka, I will ask if he has any relatives that were involved with this story.

  2. These wicked hooligans must be trampled to death at that very same spot, but never have a poster in their memory put up anywhere.
    It wouldn’t surprise me, that these hooligans are the wicked police who blocked exit from that passageway, and now disguised themselves as Naturei Karta in a bid to avoid detection & being arrested for having blocked that exit.

  3. When Chareidim disrespect Frum niftarim there is something wrong with them. I question their yichus. This is not the way of Yidden!

  4. Has nothing to do with Halacha! These people are terrible people constantly doing Chillul Hashem. When they are identified, theere should be old time justice. Break their legs! The only thing they understand!

  5. YWN has no reason to speculate about any religious group that may or may not have been involved – total Sinas Chinam. Just because they were dressed as Chareidim, doesn’t mean they weren’t agents or provocateurs trying to sow hate between different groups. If they were “dressed up”, it would be far from the first time that people dressed up as Chareidim to try to frame the innocent and cause problems. Let’s all Dan L’Chaf Zechus until we know the truth, if the truth is even available through the media.

  6. “Avraham” Some of the people who DIED in Meron also looked like the person who collected tzedoko from you in lakewood. There are some bad guys and some good guys…

  7. don’t know why this is “horrific” or why everyone’s so excited about this. they removed a poster memorializing the victims. maybe they had a good reason (can’t think of any but maybe); if they didn’t then it was a senseless act. nothing to earn them olam haba but neither is it horrifying.

  8. “147” “Pleasestaycalm” Dont be absurd, These people are not ‘fake charedim’ dressed in tallis and teffilin trying to sow hate…

  9. One must always be Dan Lekaf zechus

    There are people in yerushalayim, benei berak, beit shemesh etc who hold it is wrong to ever have hanging in a public place a picture of people’s faces (tznius/ tzelem elokim reasons or the like)

    You will never see in some more “extreme” areas of these towns pictures of peoples faces for this reason (they are torn down very quickly).

    I’m not saying these people were right, I’m not saying these people were wrong.

    I just know that there are many people like this.

    Hevei Don es Kol ho’odom Lekaf zechus.

  10. Why doesn’t anyone beat them up? They look like the wimpiest things ever! There’s nothing less threatening than a skinny Hasidic guy.