Israeli Yeshiva Bochur Stabbed In Ashdod, In Serious Condition

Scene of the incident. (Hatzalah)

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A 17-year-old yeshiva bochur was stabbed and seriously injured in Ashdod on Tuesday night during a quarrel over children’s playground equipment.

The bochur was in a public park when a quarrel ensued over the children’s playground equipment, during which the suspect took out a knife and stabbed the bochur in the stomach.

According to a Maariv report, the two suspects came to a public park with their small children. The children later complained to their fathers that teenagers were getting in the way of them accessing the playground equipment. The fathers approached the teenagers and a fight ensued and the bochur was stabbed.

Witnesses to the scene called rescue services and a large number of police forces and medical responders arrived at the scene.

Paramedics administered emergency medical treatment and evacuated the bochur in serious condition to Assuta Hospital in Ashdod.

Meanwhile, the perpetrator tried to flee the scene in his car along with another suspect but they were found by the police shortly later and arrested.

“Israel Police opened an investigation during which two men in their 30 were arrested for alleged involvement in a fight among several teenagers, during which the suspect stabbed a 17-year-old with a knife that was confiscated by the police at the scene of the incident,” a police statement said.

“The investigation shows that that the altercation broke out due to a quarrel between the suspects and several teenagers on the use of the children’s equipment.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. For starters, just for starters, the children of these lovely fathers must be taken out of their custody immediately and put into the homes of the sane relatives…if there are any.