NO SURPRISES HERE: Old City Terrorist Was A Known “Wife-Beater”

Israeli security personnel and members of Zaka Rescue and Recovery team carry the body of Fadi Abu Skhaydam, the terrorist who killed an Israeli civilian and wounded four others in a shooting attack in the Old City of Jerusalem on Sunday, November 21. ( (AP Photo/Mahmoud Illean)

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Hamas terrorist Fadi Abu Shkhaydam was violent toward his wife and other relatives, causing his wife to flee her home prior to the attack, Channel 12 News reported on Tuesday.

Unlike what Israeli officials initially believed, that Abu Shkhaydam’s wife knew about her husband’s planned attack beforehand and that’s why she fled to Jordan, they now believe that she fled her home due to her husband’s violence and her absence may have prompted her husband to carry out the attack.

According to a Times of Israel report, researchers have found a high correlation between radicalization and domestic abuse – whether as perpetrators of the abuse, victims, or witnesses. The correlation is likely to be even higher than the research shows as domestic violence is one of the most underreported crimes.

The wife, Sou’ad, was arrested upon her return to Israel on Monday and interrogated by the Shin Bet. She was subsequently released.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Let’s correct this headline:
    wife lies to shin bet interrogators saying she didn’t know about the attack.
    That she was also abused is a matter of course.

  2. I do not believe one word of the above regarding why who and what…this is an evil man who went out of his way through his life to establish a link between hatred and rectifying his hate to terrorize murder and your crap is a shunda to all jews and all Israelli’s…I hope my lips moving can be heard