Canada’s Jewish Community Stunned By El Al’s Halt Of Toronto Flights [Video]

El Al

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The Jewish community in Canada is stunned by the decision by El Al Airlines to end its flights out of Toronto, Canadian Jewish News reported last week.

Direct flights from Toronto to Israel are ending on October 27, 2022, the week after Sukkos – ending over 40 years of El Al’s services in Canada.

Asaf Halperin, an Israeli-Canadian businessman, launched a petition to keep El Al in Canada. As of Sunday morning (Israeli time), the petition has 4,025 signatures out of its goal of 5,000. According to the petition, Toronto flights are always full and was a profitable route pre-COVID, contrary to others, such as the Boston route.

Watch an interview with Halperin below: In an amusing twist on the subject, Halperin gives a surprising response when the interviewer tries to veer the conversation in an anti-religious direction [08:07].

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. as an Israeli and ex cdn…..I am ok with this , let those who are in arms ask themselves why they are living in a country that hates jews…period….better to make life easier for a jew in Israel than one elsewhere…..can I say boo hoo….because that is how I feel, imagine an airlines being jewish having to deal with hatred

  2. If they are still flying to Montreal, it suggests this might have something to do with the cost of fuel, since Toronto is further away from Tel Aviv.

  3. I personally flew Elal since it was cheaper than Air Canada but whenever we got an Air Canada ticket we were more happy we didn’t have to deal with the isreali atmosphere from Toronto and the million questions they ask you at security before checking in!

    The Air Canada planes are so much nicer and equipped. Elal just got their new planes right before Covid and now it’s already gone. Who cares we’ll find a ticket with Air Canada or go to Europe or NY first.

    Elal has always made things more confusing and pressurizing even the stewards were isreali trying to speak English and offer us a drink and it just didn’t feel pleasant and a nice flight. Even for minyan Air Canada never made an issue Elal only made issues and tried to stop it till recently when I flew Elal it was the first time after that story that they let Minyan.

    Anyway Elal you won’t be missed at all and there is that famous security lady that was so annoying and scary. Now she’s gone!!