Donald Trump: Favorite Politician in the United States?

Former President Donald Trump speaks at a rally, Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022, in Conroe, Texas. (Jason Fochtman/Houston Chronicle via AP)

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Donald Trump might be the most hated Republican in the U.S., but he’s also the most popular politician overall, according to a new Harvard-Harris poll.

Politicians are in general despised by the American public, but Trump stands above them all as being the most popular, followed closely by Senator Bernie Sanders, former VP Mike Pence, and then Joe Biden.

Trump has the highest “very favorable” rating (26%) of any politician and has a 42% favorable rating when lumping “very favorable” and “favorable” respondents together.

Just two American politicians had net-positive favorability ratings: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina.

The top-10 favorite politicians among Americans according to the survey are:

  1. Donald Trump (42%)
  2. Bernie Sanders (40%)
  3. Mike Pence (39%)
  4. Joe Biden (38%)
  5. Kamala Harris (37%)
  6. Ted Cruz (35%)
  7. Ron DeSantis (34%)
  8. Hillary Clinton (34%)
  9. Nancy Pelosi (29%)
  10. Mike Pompeo and AOC tied (27%)

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Strange that Biden, Sanders and Pence are in a statistical “tie” (aka within the error margin) of the survey. I would have assumed that Biden and Sanders would rank below Attilla the Hun.

  2. YWN shame on you for allowing rt posting on this website. Enough is enough. This degenerate belongs six feet underground. Nowhere else.

  3. Based on the others in the list, “favorite” indicates perhaps “entertainment” value more than a preference to hold office.

  4. I’m ashamed at some of these posters

    To say rt should be 6 ft under? Just because he doesn’t agree with you? Shame on you!

    And hakaras ha Tov? People hated Obama as much as rt hates trump if not more and he gave a lot of weapons to Israel!

    Rt is a yid even though you don’t agree with him!

  5. I’m surprised that everyone is trashing RT for his comment which was quite level-headed (although I don’t necessarily agree with his comparison), while the commenters are mostly quiet when JayD posts his insanity.

    For example:

    “We fully support Palestinians. The Zionist government must be deleted”
    “We mourn the death of a fellow innocent Palestinian” [neutralized terrorist]
    “I’m glad to see the isrealy police getting attacked [by Palestinian rioters]”
    “Time to give back the state to our Palestinian neighbors and shut down the isrealy nazi anti-Jewish government.”
    “the isrealy government will soon be destructed. It’s in our prayers”
    “Let’s hope our fellow Palestinians and Hamas neighbors will actively get to more to disturb the police from harassing meron”
    “There is 2 sides to each story” [attempt stabbing (r”l) of Dushinsky Rebbe]
    “Being a part of the isrealy army is much worse than a bite of a snake” [Israeli soldier in serious condition after being bitten by snake]
    “The [Highland Park] shooter was ordered to do so by a higher power. Go-d wanted this to happen. Listen to the voice of g-od. Stop pointing on gun control.”

    Such anti-Semitic comments on a frum website are truly shameful.

  6. RT , so I would assume Bennett and Lapid would qualify as well for much of this nonsense …….wisdom far outreaches the zero intellect we see today

  7. The only way Trump and his allies will benefit Israel and Jews will be to spur Aliyah. The primary questions my family and friends are discussing are where to go and how long can we stay in America before it’s too late.