Court Hearing On Jewish Agency In Russia Takes Place

TASS Screenshot

An Israeli delegation departed for Russia on Wednesday night after finally being issued visas by the Russian government. The delegation was originally scheduled to leave on Sunday.

A preliminary hearing about the claimed “legal violations” of the Jewish Agency took place at a Moscow court on Thursday morning.

The one-hour hearing ended without any significant decisions as it reportedly focused mainly on technical issues. The judge scheduled the next hearing for August 19.

Meanwhile, the members of the delegations, representatives of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Foreign Ministry, the Justice Ministry and the Absorption Ministry, will make efforts via diplomatic means to avoid the shuttering of the agency.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. it seems that the letter of russian law forbids some of the things that the jewish agency has been doing, such as keeping files on personal data. this isn’t going to change, so entire delegations of israeli officials aren’t going to help. seeking special exemptions for jews is also a bad idea.

    instead, either fully or partially close the jewish agency offices inside russia, comply with their laws, and process requests for aliyah in a third country, like austria or romania, en route to israel.