Fox News Host Suggests Trump Was Selling Classified Info to Russia, Others

(AP Photo/Joe Maiorana, File)

A Fox News host floated the theory that former President Donald Trump sold to Russia some of the classified documents he took with him to Mar-a-Lago after his presidency ended.

“Did former President Trump try to sell or share the highly classified material to the Russians or to the Saudis or others? Or were the documents innocently mishandled and stored because he thought he had a legal right to have them?” “Fox News Sunday” host Eric Shawn asked his fellow panelists.

Shawn referred to Russian state media that suggested the documents were leaked to Kremlin officials.

U.S. law enforcement has not said, nor even suggested, that there is suspicion that Trump sold or gave classified information to a foreign nation.

The comments by Shawn are the latest in a string of recent anti-Trump sentiment on Fox News, which Trump was referring to when he accused the network of “pushing a Democrat agenda” earlier this week.

“Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy also made an anti-Trump comment recently, attacking Trump supporters for going after the FBI over the raid of the Mar-a-Lago estate.

“So many supporters of Donald Trump have used this opportunity to go against the FBI,” Doocy said. “They’re barking up the wrong tree. Don’t blame the FBI.”

Days earlier, he asked Rep. Steve Scalise, “I’m just curious, whatever happened to the Republican Party backing the blue? And, in particular, the 35 members of law enforcement, federal law enforcement, at the FBI?”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Not any crazier than the conspiracy theories that trump and his extreme supporters spout regularly. In fact, it’s quite believable knowing that this immoral lying adulterer loves money above all else.

  2. What a bizarre notion.

    But no, arizona, there is no risk of a lawsuit, because this is not being alleged as fact. It’s just speculation. Bizarre, utterly without foundation, and designed to distract attention from the fact that the current president, who has access to all secrets, is actually in China’s pay and is therefore surely giving the Chinese Communist Party whatever information it wants, but still speculation and therefore not actionable.

  3. I’m sorry; anyone who considers it a serious possibilty that Donald Trump engaged in high treason for money is far more mentally deficient than dear Joe. Like retarded. Really, when does the lying stop?

  4. How come you people at YentaWorld don’t have the guts to say where you lifted your story from? Where’d you get it Newsweek? That’s where I found it online. It wasn’t so hard. Any second grader could have figured it out. Instead, you hide behind YWN World Headquarters – NYC.


    Moderators Response: Actually, you must have missed the story. The headline says where this was said. This longtime Fox News anchor made this statement on Fox News – live – to millions of people. The video is everywhere. It’s a major story, since Trump will probably sue him and Fox News. Not sure why the need for the vile hatred all of a sudden.

  5. Definitely makes this a civil matter, since Trump clearly has the right to sue (though he’ll have to prove malice, but at least that forces Fox to explain why they believe it to be true). There already are precedents for considering this indirect sort of accusation to be actionable – subject to the public figure requirement of proving malice.

  6. To Yashar: By your definition, I am retarded … and proud of it. Doocy’s statement is speculative but reasonable, not something I expect from a Fox guy.

  7. To The Yeshiva World:
    You answered very nicely the comment (jersey jew).
    Maybe send him phone numbers of different therapists. He definitely needs help. A psychiatrist might be a good idea, because he sounds like in a real advanced stage and I think he needs medicine ASAP.