WATCH: NYPD Cruiser Slams Into Pedestrians, 3 Critically Injured


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An NYPD officer errantly slammed his police cruiser into a group of pedestrians in the Bronx on Tuesday as he was responding to an emergency call.

The officer was reportedly responding to a larceny in progress when he jumped the curb at the intersection of Hoe and Westchester avenues, slamming into a pole and pedestrians.

The crash left eight people injured, including three with critical injuries. All are expected to survive.

The two officers in the police cruiser were injured, but not seriously.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Would have been better the other way, that the guilty police were critically injured & none of the 8 totally innocent people.

    Needless to say:- the culprits of the grand larceny must be fully prosecuted for injury to all 8 innocent people, and spend many decades in prison for these injuries to these 8 innocent people.