SEE IT: Renewal Turns Hotel Into Mini-Yerushalayim for Annual Shabbos Getaway [PHOTOS & VIDEO]


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Renewal, the acclaimed kidney donation organization, held its annual Shabbos getaway for kidney donors, organization supporters, and others at the Armon Hotel & Conference Center in Connecticut, and themed the weekend as a vacation to Yerushalayim.

In that spirit, Renewal set up the entire weekend’s events as places across Yerushalayim, including the Geula neighborhood, the Kosel, and other landmarks across the city.

A video that has since gone viral shows the lobby during “toameha” on Friday, retrofitted to look like Meah Shearim neighborhood, including its stores, servers dressed as Yerushalmis, and even pashkevilin hung up on the walls announcing a “kinnus neturei karta.”

And yes, they even had someone shrei’ing “Gevalt!” at people in the lobby.



(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. If I needed a kidney, I would go to the website of the China Organ Harvest Research Center, to the Findings tab, the Hospitals Database, and find a hospital that has English language services for kidneys. Very good service. Very good deal. Organs on demand.

  2. You schmendrick so you rather a none Jewish place because they speak better English? Why wouldn’t you want a place that has an experience in a hotel with a Yerushalyim feel?

    You’re takka a Schmendrick!

  3. anything this organization does….is from above and is a blessing…so I will not add anything other than the fact the my dad passed away from Renal Cancer…..I lost a part of mine….so wherever these sites are set up to show and reveal what Hashem has allowed….I bless they can receive as much money and parts as they can

  4. How fitting it was to the Jerusalem Theme. because all speaker referred to the פרשה of the עקידה which was in Jerusalem. It was such an uplifting Shabbos being together with 200 Kidney Donors That went willingly on the altar and let be cut open and have a vital body part taken out in order to give life to another person no difference what type of Yid Ultra Orthodox or Ultra Modern. One of the speakers said that his father a Chief Rabbi of a big city told him he should not be away from home so many shabbosim but by the Renewal Shabbos he must attend because it is big is Eis Rutzin.