HE SAID WHAT!? Biden Gives Nonsensical Answer to Straightforward Question [SEE THE VIDEO]

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

Joe Biden, our octogenarian president with a brain that is coming closer to resembling mashed potatoes each day, once again demonstrated his waning mental acuity when asked a simple, straightforward question by a reporter at the White House.

“What are your thoughts on Saudi Arabia and Iran re-establishing diplomatic relations, sir?” a female reporter asked Biden as he left an event.

Biden stopped, turned, and then let this gem fly.

“The better the relations between Israel and their Arab neighbors, the better for everybody,” the president said.

And just like that, he left the room.

While his sentiment is certainly welcome, it also didn’t answer the question. Israel didn’t normalize relations with Saudi Arabia – its archnemesis Iran did.

Most people’s thoughts watching the exchange were perfectly summed up by Emily Schrader, who wrote on Twitter, “Can someone let this man retire before the whole world burns? He doesn’t seem to have any clue what’s going on…”

Touche, Ms. Schrader.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. he misheard

    he obviously didn’t hear the “Iran” part and was answering as if the reporter meant Israel

    it wasn’t a nonsensical answer

  2. I don’t know. When I was a kid in school we would have a unit on journalism in English class and they would teach us that a newspaper (or other news medium) had to be objective and impartial. Maybe it was just propaganda for the leftist mainstream media. Whatever. But I think that you could have left out the mashed potato reference and just reported the facts and the point would still be made.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, the liberal media said just as biased (if not worse) things about President Trump. I just think that conservative outlets can do better.

  4. Dorah, huju and jackkk are sagely nodding their heads over the profound wisdom of this statement from the incontinent napper-in-chief.

  5. It’s sad! We’re really in a catch 22, a checkmate of sorts! If he doesn’t finish his term and Harris takes the office, Jews and Israel will be on a tougher situation.

  6. He could have been answering the question just as asked with a comment that says more beneath the surface. What he said is true and applies to all relationships in this part of the world.

  7. Criticizing ywn for this post I think you should thank God for what the president said if you think he is senile then wait for another time

  8. when ronnie raygun was president, he also seemed to be “geographically-challenged”, but that didn’t stop him from sending in the marines to places that he could never point out on a map. were they ever sharp?

  9. “Joe Biden, our octogenarian president with a brain that is coming closer to resembling mashed potatoes each day……”

    I don’t agree or support Biden but YWN…. using the pharse “mashed potatoes”??? He’s still the President and while he may be wrong on every issue that is NOT a respectful way to describe his mental state. If you don’t agree why not ask the Posek of your website. If I’m wrong I will accept it.

  10. Comparing an aging failing brain to mashed potatoes (or scrambled eggs for that matter) is unfair to these useful nutritious foods.

  11. ShlomoBoruch that is just not true. You are telling outright lies. Ronald Reagan was an intellectual, and he certainly knew his geography. It’s Andrea Mitchell who can’t find the Ukraine on a map; Reagan knew exactly where it is, as well as every place that was relevant to US policy.

    And to all the people complaining about respect, Biden is not a king. We don’t have kings in this country. A president is just a public servant, and deserves no more respect than a janitor. And an incompetent president deserves no more respect than an incompetent janitor.

    Besalel, he is not generally good for Israel, Jews, or anyone else except China.

  12. Joe Biden is an extremely competent and successful president. He deals daily with world leaders and has their utmost respect. No one serious claims he has dementia. Sure he always had a speech problem but it has nothing to do with his age he had this problem even when he was young. Only the right wing MAGA wacko conspiracy theorists continue to spread this false narrative as if Biden is senile. There is absolutely zero evidence of this. He performs excellently in public. Such as his recent trip to Poland and Ukraine which was highly successful. He performed very well in the SOTU speech. How can any rational person think this exemplary world leader suffers from dementia? Get this straight make no mistake about it if you have this opinion you are influenced by the wacko right wing MAGA extremists.
    Now of course YWN is part of the MAGA propaganda machine. This video shows absolutely zero!
    It is obvious he mistook iran for Israel. Its time to creep out of the rabbit hole and start connecting with reality!!!