WATCH: Leftists Block Road To Government Ministries In Jerusalem

Blocking the Coup movement.

A small group of left-wing protesters from the “Blocking the Coup” movement obstructed the road leading to the Finance, Interior, and Economy Ministries on Tuesday morning.

The protesters chained themselves to each other and stood in the middle of Rechov Bank Yisrael, aiming to prevent government employees from reaching their work offices.

The police who were called to the scene ordered the protesters to move to the sidewalks or be forcefully evicted from the road. In response, the protesters sat down on the road. After some time, the police began to evacuate them using force and ten of the protesters were arrested.

The movement issued a statement: “This is a wake-up call. Start addressing the real problems of Israeli citizens – or your government will lose its legitimacy. Stop rushing toward a messianic dictatorship and start establishing a true democracy. Until that happens, we will continue to block the coup with our bodies. We are absolutely determined to prevent the destruction of our future and we won’t stop until the halt of the coup.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The Israeli left has (probably correctly) figured out that if they lose control of the Supreme Court, given that Israel has free elections, the Israeli “right” will have permanent control of the medinah. Up to now, the main impediment to democracy has been the Supreme Court (which still reflects the demographics and ideology of the 1950s when secular socialist Ashkenazim were in control) which has blocked the Knesset. The new laws will result in a Supreme Court resembling the modern demographics of Israel, with non-Ashkenazim, Hareidim and Religious Zionists being a majority. So of course the ruling upper class is desperate – if they lose the fight over judicial reform they will merely be a privileged and wealthy elite that is especially vulnerable as a “former” ruling class.

  2. When Moshe Feiglin organized protests like this he went to prison, and was later barred from the Knesset for seven years. Why don’t they do the same to those organizing these ones?