IDF Soldier Attacked at the Beis Yisrael Shteiblach – Bochirm From Mir Yerushalayim Protect Him



An IDF soldier was attacked by Yidden at the shteiblach in the Beis Yisrael area of Yerushalayim on Monday morning 18 Kislev.

Police were quick to respond. One person was detained, but released by police. It does not appear that the soldier was seriously injured B”H.

Sources tell YWN that Yeshiva Bochrim from the nearby Mir Yerushalayim were davening at the shteiblach at the time and surrounded the soldier and protected him while he continued davening.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The only way these so called “Yiden”will learn to respect the people that protect them with Hashem’s help,is to STOP PROTECTING THEM.ALL services (police,fire department,garbage pick up etc.)will be suspended for say one week every time IDF is attacked by these animals.

  2. Not seriously hurt yet perhaps moderately hurt/injured.

    What a stain on a Jewish (check out these guys heritage/legacy) neshemah to injure an other!! Thank you Mir Bochurim – can I bet that several were AMERICAN citizens, with parents who model Ahavas Yisroel & respect for diversity…

  3. some of these total lunatics should be exported to Iran where they can pray in peace with out the IDF watching over them.

    But for the rest of us, I prefer to live in EY, my sons were in the IDF as was a son-in-law and they went in frum and came out frum.

    The lunatics in Meah Schnorim can’t leave their 4 amot because if they see a women they will throw away their striemel. Such lousy chinuch!

  4. When I first read the headline, I thought, “Oy, another terrorist attack by Arabs.” It saddens me even more to find out that the attackers of our Jewish soldiers — who risk their lives day and night to protect us — are Jewish.

    Perhaps the attackers should spend a night in Gaza for a change.

  5. Attackers certainly could not have been “yidden”. Jews don’t act that way. Must have been poorly trained terrorists in disguise. Most probably there will be an investigation as to why the terrorists were not neutralized

  6. Hey everyone calm down, this really is a disgusting story and even once is too much, but how often do you hear something like this. I know, all those with an ax to grind are sitting there steaming saying it happens all the time but stop and count, how many soldiers were beat up by “wild hareidi’s”… And exactly whos police,fire department,garbage pick up etc. are you suspending? Some lunatics innocent neighbors? And number 4, do you know someone who “left his 4 amot, saw a woman, and threw away his streimel”? really now, that would be quite interesting. By the way was “Meah Schnorim” a typo? that’s pretty cute!

  7. it just doesn’t add up, why does he go to a shull that he knows he will provoke trouble (I don’t in any way agree with those low lifes that attacked him)
    also it doesn’t sound like a serious attack if he managed to carry on davening, sounds like a verbal attack…
    everything is just so vague in this post

  8. “One person was detained, but released by police”

    That exactly is the problem. They keep getting away with these crimes.
    These sikrikim animals have to be taught a lesson.

  9. This headline is beyond sad, it’s tragic. Kol hakavod to those bachurim.

    #4 has the right general idea, if these hooligans are so anti-IDF maybe they’d prefer to spend time with the Al Quds brigade.

    That said, #3 and #1, please don’t make the mistake of thinking that all or even most of the population of Meah Shearim and Geulah are like this. They’re not, which is why no one here is suggesting turning off their services for a week. If the allegations are true, they should be dealt with the same way as anyone else who is guilty of harassment or assault – due process, in a court of law.

    Only problem is, the laws here are so confusing the hopes of due process are very dim…sigh.

  10. The “lunatics” were in meah shearim from 1870 long before the zionists came to Israel and started up with arabs who they are now fighting. The zionists started the fight and now they are protecting them from those very arabs! The argument does not hold water…

  11. What happened was surely terrible to the worst extent, and at a time when we so badly need achdus and ahavas Yisrael, in such dangerous times that we are living in, it is especially terrible that these things happen.

    But this does not excuse some of the the comments here, which show hatred for whole groups of Jews, which also doesn’t help Clall Yisroel in these dangerous times.

    There plenty of Israelis who have ahavas Yiroel and also learn in Mir, not just Americans, and plenty of people in Meah Shaarim who would never attack a soldier. This type of collective Jew name-calling is reminiscent of anti-Semitism throughout the ages, when if one Jew did something bad, they were all blamed.

  12. No, let’s just launch an investigation into the private lives of these attackers, without a doubt the most עבירות חמורות will surface.

  13. Hey luckshun kugel, they’re all dead wrong but your sinaas Yisrael is appalling. Akin, perhaps, to Eisav!
    Too bad your head is also screwed on incorrectly!

  14. “why does he go to a shull that he knows he will provoke trouble”

    He went to shul because he needed to daven. I’m assuming he didn’t think that his presence as a Jew davening with a tzibur to HKB”H would provoke trouble. It is very sad where a Jew has to say no to davening in a shul because his presence will provoke trouble.

  15. To all those defending the Mea Shearim Kehila, saying that “most don’t feel that way, and that these guys are only a handful of troublemakers”. Well, that may be so, but The Eida and similar groups are never shy about quickly putting up pashkivilin about whatever they feel strongly about.
    So how come they never put up signs attacking the sikrikin?
    I think they themselves wont attack IDF soldiers and etc. but on some level they admire and approve the sikrikins dirty work!

  16. Just for historical accuracy the Jews of Meah Shearim in the late 1800 was the small group who moved out of the Old City – a large segment of the Rivlin family. They were the earliest “settlers” – mitnachlim.

    They bought up land from the Arabs (even on Shabbos)..& were Shomrim/guards at night against the Arabs.

  17. Bais yisroel is right on the border of East Jerusalem and since sukkos, there has been 24/7 presence of soldiers in the area. If this is the first were hearing of since sukkos, it is clearly far from the majority who are opposed.

    Also why did they go to a shul where they know people would attack them? First, how would they know. Second, I believe this shul is the closest minyan factory to where they patrol.

  18. To Arelle – going to daven will provoke trouble? If it’s come to that then we are in real trouble when a Yid in different clothing cannot daven in any shul

  19. “there has been 24/7 presence of soldiers in the area”

    But the government sends non-religious (or non-Jewish) soldiers to the area, so the lack of synagogue incidents proves very little. Somehow a religious Jewish soldier got assigned to the area, and that is probably very rare.