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Sullivan County Legislature Appoints Man Who Fought Swan Lake Eruv, And Has History Of Other Controversies

libikThe Sullivan County Legislature has raised eyebrows by appointing a controversial figure to the County’s Human Rights Commission.

Bill Liblick, who runs an internet blog and has dubbed himself as “The Mouth That Roars”, caused a stir in 2007 when he objected to the construction of an eruv by observant Jews in Swan Lake, NY.

Liblick, who lives in CO-OP City in the Bronx, but maintains a weekend residence in the Town of Liberty, characterized the construction of the eruv in his neighborhood as “something sneaky”, according to an article in a local Sullivan County newspaper.

Sources tell YWN that his objections to the eruv were eventually praised by bloggers on a neo-nazi website.

In October of 2012, Bill Liblick was in the spot light when he wrote an opinion column for a newspaper entitled, “Spanish Language Ballots a Waste of Money”. In his column, Bill Liblick criticized the National Voter Rights Act and concluded, “If someone cannot read or write English, perhaps they just shouldn’t vote”. Liblick was once again center stage in June of last year when he was served with ethics charges by Sullivan County for releasing confidential information. Liblick, who serves as a volunteer on the County’s Charter Review Committee was accused of “releasing confidential information as a county employee to further a personal interest.” Even though members of the charter committee are technically considered employees under the County’s ethics regulations, the charges were withdrawn when it was learned that none of the committee members had been provided with a copy of those regulations.

Bill Liblick’s recent appointment to the Human Rights Commission was questioned by some of its current members who claim that their by-laws require a potential candidate to first be interviewed and then be formally recommended to the Legislature for approval. Bill Liblick’s appointment apparently bypassed this process when his name was brought up for a vote at the Legislature’s January Executive Committee meeting.

(YWN Sullivan County Newsroom)

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  1. Midva Sheker Tirchak!
    I have a house in Swan Lake and personally know Bill. He went to yeshiva and never did anything in Swan lake against the orthodox Jews.
    So not only this information is a lie but you are at least transgressing 2 lavim from the Torah.
    The second one is: when you shame a jew in public you have the din of Rotseach!

    Moderators Note: Another anti-Eruv article….and more….written by the man himself

  2. As President of the Swan Lake Synagogue I can tell you that this is just typical politics. Someone tries to serve a community by putting themselves out there for a political position and someone will find negative to be dug up from the trenches. Bill Liblick is a member of our Synagogue and a friend and servant to our Swan Lake community Jewish or otherwise. I personally believe and I can speak for many in our community who have emailed me about this disparaging article about Billy, love and respect Billy as a fellow Jew and humanitarian for all he does for the Presidential Estates community as well as the Swan Lake community and for wherever and for whomever he will dedicate his service.
    Stuart Mandel, President
    Swan Lake Synagogue

  3. To the Editor:

    I am referencing your article on Bill Liblick.

    As is almost always the case, when instances that occur and are then written about in an article, e.g., a newspaper, the circumstances on what happened get distorted.

    With respect to the Swan Lake Eruv, when it was built, there were many misunderstandings about it. Once the true facts were known Bill Liblick became a supporter, and since the Eruv’s inception in 2007 Bill has offered to help when there were issues with Poles on Presidential Estates property.

    Personally I think that the addition of Bill Liblick to the Human Rights commission is a plus for the Orthodox Community in Sullivan County and in particular Swan Lake

    Sy Ratner
    Sullivan County Eruv Corporation

  4. Dear Yeshiva World News,

    I know Bill Liblick for a long time. Reading your article, I must conclude that you do not know Bill, and certainly not the Bill Liblick of today.

    I live in Swan Lake Presidential Estates, where Bill is the President of the HOA board and has dedicated himself to the needs of the entire municipality.

    The area used to be more secular, but has recently started to grow into a beautiful Young Israel community.

    Bill helps everyone and is very dedicated to the needs of the community. Everyone loves Bill.

    In fact, the person you claim Bill was fighting with over the Eruv is now Bill’s best friend.

    Additionally, Bill helped me with numerous events for the Orthodox Community including the annual big Chanukah Menorah Lighting event in Liberty, NY during the last several years, where most participants are orthodox Jews. He was even our guest of honor lighting last year’s Menorah.

    His devotion to the community is evident to everyone he meets.

    It is for this reason that I believe Bill Liblick’s recent appointment to the Human Rights Commission is an asset for the orthodox community and for the entire county.

    The Orthodox community now has a voice on the Human Rights Commission, Bill will enhance the future Jewish life of the Sullivan Community.

    Sincerely yours

    Rabbi Yossi Hurwitz

    Chabad of Swan Lake

  5. To the Editor,

    The Yeshiva World article is accurate and correct. Bill Liblick is trying re-write his past. When he made the big stink about the eruv in Presidential Estates he then called an emergency meeting of the homeowners association on a Saturday so that the Orthodox people could not attend according to the comments at the bottom of this article (click on link and scroll down): This was not a onetime misunderstanding about Verizon poles. Here is an article that Bill wrote about eruvs: Note his very insensitive comments “Placing an eruv around an entire township can have severe consequences” and “They usually become a burden to all taxpayers in the county in which they exist”. Those who defend him are not very well informed. And those who defend him here are beholden to him! (We know of his “power of persuation”.) Google Bill’s name and you will see that he went to a public school in the Bronx, not a Yeshiva as someone has claimed. I ask you this, does a leopard change his spots?

  6. In response to “Ethics in Gov’t”
    Funny how the people who are speaking up positively about Billy at least have the guts to use their real names. The only point I will address as I am an Orthodox Jew who knows Billy pretty well from the peak of the Eruv period and before and now as President of the Swan Lake Synagogue I can definitely say that yes in fact a leopard can change their spots. Just look at any politician..and I will keep this non-partisan….could George W Bush have become President knowing about his “partying college days history?”…..could Baraq Obama have become President knowing his younger day love of “nose candy”….
    Billy may have voiced certain opinions which based on how the press has the ability to present things there might some clarity missing or even if not.. Either way it’s 2016 and Billy has more than shown his support for the Orthodox and yes the Chassidic community too and we are excited that he can represent us as a member of the Human Rights Commission.
    And as far as any of us being “beholding” to Billy….we are a summer community. Billy is active up here to the community for 2 months of the year and most of that comes down to 8 weekends. Oh yeah….we are just so beholding.
    He had obtained this position and we as the community are willing to forget his possible comments of the past and be proud of the man we have seen him become and is today working for us in Swan Lake and in his new role on the commission. What ever axe you obviously have to grind……well I’ll stop
    It there and leave the rest to your imagination.
    Stuart Mandel, President
    Swan Lake Synagogue

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