SHOCKING VIDEO: 6 Young Chassidish Children Trespass Private Property In New York And Steal Israeli Flag



  1. The word “appalling” might be more appropriate adjective for the headline than “shocking” which unfortunately it most certainly is not.

  2. Ahh what a kidding hashem. This is probably what hashem wanted. This is probably what the satmer rebbe zt”l wanted. This is such a chillul hashem. This is insane.

  3. If we label everything as “SHOCKING VIDEO” then it loses its affect. It’s like crying wolf or like spanking a child for any little thing.

    Of course, these kids acted wrong. However, anyone who can label this as “Shocking” must be very sheltered from society. I can thing of at least a dozen other “Shocking” video that make this one laughable.

  4. why is this shocking?
    when you bring up a generation that you can steal from the govmt
    terrorize any other chasidus that doesnt think or dress like you
    and basically have one thing which is anti tzioni
    then you are bankrupt and this is the chinuch that you have to show for yourselves

    satmar can be very proud

  5. Another headline to show the hate from Ywn to the community. This is a few little kids probably 12 – 13 years no big deal. TRESPASS PRIVATE PROPERTY
    Come on,,, grow up Ywn

  6. The fact that the kids stole something is never a good thing. But, can someone please tell me what the point of posting this to proliferate the chillul Hashem is?!

  7. As a person who identifies with the Dati LeUmi community, I don’t understand why this video is not loshon hara. It’s a few kids, who are doing something which I assume no one acknowledges is correct, and it’s going to give a bad name to Chassidim or Chareidim in general.

  8. I think this article is disgusting. What a chilul hashem.
    NOW, I am not referring to the children stealing the flag ( 100% geneiva and wrong )
    I am commenting on an adult spreading such hatred when 12,13 year old children do such stupid acts.
    I am in no way a ” neturi Karta ” fan however if these children were doing the same thing to a palestinian flag, would such a video be put up? The geneiva issue is the same whether it is an Israeli flag or palestinian flag.

  9. Why is this more “shocking” than the clip you showed yesterday of Israeli police stealing a sign in Mea Shearim that they didn’t like? Both took private property because they objected to the message expressed, but here it was children, and in Mea Shearim it was adult representatives of the law who knew that it was illegal to take it without a warrant!

  10. Why is anyone surprised? Since their bris mila, these children are spoon fed hate and told that it’s a MITZVAH to do this.

    I applaud YWN for publishing this.


  12. From their leaders on downward – from every single tish to every classroom they burchrim are told to engage in this behavior. No surprises here.

  13. Kudos YWN!

    We have become ammune to calling yidden “Nazi”, torchign private property, torching and destorying city property, mass protests fueling hatred and anti-semitim.

    About time people wake up.

    Stop supporting their mosdos. Stop giving these people money in shul when they come collecting.

    Enough is enough.

    The sina these people have towards their fellow jews is nauseating.

    And Reb Yolish – the holy Satmar Rebbe is rolling in his grave right now.

    What heter they have to steal and rob someone of their property?

    Bunch of thieves.

    Thank you YWN.

  14. Just take a look at #5

    “Another headline to show the hate from Ywn to the community. This is a few little kids probably 12 – 13 years no big deal. TRESPASS PRIVATE PROPERTY
    Come on,,, grow up Ywn”

    People like you have no problem with law-breakers….if they ARE SATMAR CHILDREN.

    If this was an African America, you would be up in arms.

  15. I am not a Zionist at all. But this is a clear hate crime, and an example should be made out of them.

    These people are turning so violent that it’s beyond belief that no one has the gall to say anything anymore.

    I am outraged over this.

    Don’t worry. Satmar will issue a lame apology – like they did earlier this week with something else.

  16. #6 – if they are exposed enough, they will maybe finally stop the insanity. The hate in meah shearim is spiraling out of control. used to be a few nutjobs. it’s now spreading like wildfire.

    when in our history have jews been violent people?

    a home was set ablaze a few years back in new square. a man and his family were almost BURNED ALIVE. I didnt hear of any rebbe gettign up and decryign this behavior.

    the children are immune to this behavior.

    stealing is permitted. hate is permitted. calling a 104 year old MANHIG HADOR a “lowlife shaigetz foi” is beyond words.

  17. the Chutzpah staretd when rav shteinman made his first visit to new York, and there was a huge kabolas ponim in the 18th avenue park, and satmar bussed in 50 buses of peopler to scream “HITLER HERZEL SHTAINMAN”.

    And no one was moicha.

    Now we have this, and when ywn posts it you wonder why there is a need?

    where was your macha for tha kavod of a gadol hador?

    some of you people are really sickening.

  18. I couldn’t disagree with YWN more.

    You don’t seem to understand that this is perfectly mutar and not against halacha. This is what they have been taught. Trespassing, stealing etc. It’s all lishem shomayim and encouraged. The Rebbe zichrono liuvracha is smiling.

    Don’t you know about the kiryas yoel “terror” that the menahalim and rabbeyim have encoraged over the years against other factions? Be it Aronim versus the Bnai Yoel or anything else. But al achas kama vekama it is 100% permitted and all halachos may be broken to destroy any property of the tziyonim yemach shemam vizichrom.

    Haltzech shtark chevra. keep the “Shita hakedoisha” going strong. Make believe this is Iran.

    it won’t last long. Their behavior is causing them to implode. they can deny it. But it’s happenign as we speak. FBI raids, programs. All the shtick. It’s comign to screechign halt.

    of course they will hold mass protests decryign the reshoyim in the federal goverment and yell and scream sonei yisroel and anti semite.

    It will be a fun few years comign up.

    Start making the popcorn.

  19. I can’t imagine why they didn’t just burn the house down with all the occupants as they aren’t considered yidden anyway.
    When they grow up they hope to be like the menahel in Monroe.
    Rebbe, you make me so proud to be a chassid. Can I send my kids to your school. It must be fun for the kids to see the FBI goyim come visit once a month.

  20. To lake woofer can you stop hating Jews so much . Do u want heaven should speak the same of u as u speak of Jews. That’s what the tors says how u speak of others heavens speaks of u and that goes to ywn doesn’t mean because u write news u can print everything u to have to follow the tora!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Kudos to YWN for enlightening us to the fact that all the “chessed” in the world these so called “chassidim” do cannot whitewash the despicable “SHITTA” of this cancerous mass.

  22. to all those commenting here thats whats the big deal its a few kids

    the gemara says
    shusa deyenuka bshuka oi davieh oi deemih

    what a chuild speaks about in the street is either from the father or the mother

    this is a bankrupt chasidus that teaches only one thing
    anti tzioni and everything is mutar to do when someone doesnt hold your daas yochid shita

  23. #9 simcha613 – kudos to you. It’s nice to see that there is at least one DL Yid who has enough seichel to put this act into the proper perspective.

    These are kids who are acting as kids and doing something wrong that is not life threatening. They did not set the flag on fire or throw rocks through someone’s window. They stole and need to be rebuked by their parents (plus return the item and ask mechila). More than that is throwing things out of proportion.

    Thanks simcha613 for you understanding under the circumstances.

  24. They’re actions remind me of the “kids” who torched the school bus in Crown Heights, since they ran away after STEALING, which they obviously knew is wrong, why would they run otherwise.

  25. #30 Softwords is another twisted warped mind.

    If these “children” were the children of skinheads and did this, you would be demanding a full police investigation and their arrest.

    You are clearly part of the problem.

    you sing two different songs.

    If it’s a non-jewish person doing the hate crime, you will scream and yell and demand justice. but when it’s satmar kids, you say nah…it’s not such a big deal. come on…grow up…what is the big deal…so they stole a mans flag and trespassed…big deal…no one got hurt….big deal.

    if they were non jewish kids, we would see dov hikind and the rest of the yo yos demanding justice, and people like yourself screaming for justice and telling the da’s to charge the minors with hate crimes.

    shame on you and shame on anyone who sticks up for this disgusting trash.

  26. Just Verified.
    These were not jewish kids at all.
    This was a organized & setup kids that were told to dress up & make a scene.

    Dont believe everything you see & hear so quick.

  27. I was few years I went to Bar Mitzva to my cousins in Kiryas Yoel and one of his children came to simcha from England, and I asked him why he had to go to learn in satmar in England and not locally for example in Williamsburg. Suddenly some chosid appeared who obviously overheard my conversation, and started to scream at me that I am pro Zalman etc. I felt so bad since I realized of so much hate between 2 satmar communities, and when I asked my relatives who was that man, they told me he was the rebbe of the Bar Mitzva boy. I wondered then if this man is responsible for teaching kids at school,. I am sure they will grow to hate their own satmar from Williamsburg as he did. That is where the problems begin and these kids on the video are the product of such rebbe and I’m sure their own parents.

  28. Clearly, if these lowlife satmars/naturei karta are still wasting their time reciting Kinnos, the kinnos should be re-edited to reflect the Yeridas haDoros of their youngsters trespassing in defiance of “Lo Sasig Gevul Rei’acho” and robbong in defiance of “Lo Tignovu” in this week’s Chutz lo’Oretz Parsha.

  29. After reading 38 posts one comes away with several thoughts. First, don’t blame the kids from Satmar when they behave in the same disgusting way as the adult followers of two brothers whose brogias goes on and on. Second, there seems to be a notion that YWN should not cover stories that reveal the sad truth about ways in which some yidden behave. This is a NEWS site, not a musar schmooze.

  30. Pinay, make believe nothing happened. Sweep it under the rug. Did their parents apologize? Do you think the parents will admonish their children for this despicable act?? Would you be as “understanding” if modern Orthodox kids would burn a picture of the Satmar Ruv?

    You can’t solve a problem by hiding under the banner of Chillul Hashem. They don’t agree with Zionism, fine. But “geneiva”?!!

  31. At least it was only stealing a flag. Imagine if they would be doing real disgusting things like playing baseball or basketball. Now that would be a genuine chillul Hashem.

  32. I have nothing to write because a few comments claim the video is Loshon Hora so I didn’t watch it. The feeling of winning the evil Yetzer is well worth giving up
    the video. Good Shabbos

  33. Once again another example of how chasidim, regardless of age, lack the basic derech Eretz in society. True, they don’t commit murder, however, they have no regard for others or other’s property. These are the same people who steal and swindle,etc.

  34. #33 Ferd – thanks for proving both my points. 1) that most of you are throwing this way out of proportion and 2) that simcha613 is a Yachid among you who seems to have a head on his shoulders.

    1) You imply that you are comparing Chassidim to skinheads. I could hear you out if you asked, “what if these children were children of Goyim instead of Jews?”, but instead your comparison was to skinheads. I’m assuming you went to extremes either to bash chassidim or because you were afraid of my answer if you just said “Goyim”.

    2) I invite you to reread your comment. Can you sense the hostility in your voice. You are talking to Jews.. we are all Bnei Melech! Do you really think that it is appropriate to speak to Bnei Yisrael that way? Wasn’t Moshe Rabeinu punished for calling Yidden מורים?

    I really can’t understanding the hostility that many of you commentators have for each other. Don’t you realize that Sinat Chinam is what destroyed the Beis HaMikdash. How do you expect to bring a Geulah if you are still hating each other?

    It’s possible that many of you are right that “what a child speaks about in the street is either from the father or the mother”; that their parents condone this deplorable behavior. However, until you know that that is the case here you have no right to assume that. We must be patient, wait and see what is the outcome. For all you know these kids may have been rebuked already and efforts are being made to rectify the situation quietly.

  35. These kids need to sing the song “Hashem is here, Hashem is there, Hashem is truly everywhere etc”. They looked both ways quite a bit before their maseh genaiva.

  36. I’ve been taught a long time ago and then proven a thousand times that hate and bad washing comes from nothing else but “JEALOUSY”. For all those non chasidim: You are cordially invited to join this beautiful sect of Am Yisroel that does unprecedented chesed to one another from the founding of Hatzalah to food in the hospitals and chesed rides to tzedakah to Dror to RCCS to Bonei Olam to A Time to Chaveirim and the list goes on and on and on….. And then the SIMCHAS HACHAIM that you find by them … No wonder most baalei teshuva get pulled to them. So I definitely understand where the jealousy comes from . Now that doesn’t mean they everyone of them is perfect snd some are far from that but still they’re still a far cry from skinheads and all the otter titles……

  37. Instead of debating semantics, maybe the kids can be identified by the school bus they alighted from. I am certain someone recognizes them & the so-called school they came from. I believe they should be charged with whatever crimes fit the bill, even the one who didn’t trespass because he was clearly their lookout.

    Kudos to YWN for posting this video.

    BTW – if you are interested, I can send YWN photos taken in RBS Bet where about 100 kids were preparing for a riot, egged on by a few adults, on motzoi Yom Haatzmaut. I was trapped in my car as they were attacking an Egged bus in front of me and it was frightening to see kids (some girls were there) as young as 7 dragging a dumpster to maybe burn it. So yes, these kids should be identified and severely punished.

  38. shocking? really? why because it’s an israeli flag or if it were anything? It’s some kids being foolish, that’s all. kids will do that

    now if you equate the flag with a sefer torah then it may be shocking to you, but then you have much bigger problems