WATCH: Knesset Member Slams Chareidim For Spread Of Measles; Goes After “Gender Separation” In Health Clinics

MK (Yisrael Beitenu) Yulia Malinovsky on Monday, during a session of the Knesset Health Committee, claimed the chareidi public is intensifying the spread of measles in Israel because so many of the community refuse to vaccinate. During a discussion of the committee she said, “So many are primitive and ignorant regarding worldviews and in the name of Torah and religion, they refuse to be vaccinated and believe in all kinds of trivial things”. She did not stop there, but the MK in Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s party also accused the chareidim of maintaining gender separation, even in health clinics. “The chareidim also have segregation in kupat cholim with men on one side and women on the other. How can they be vaccinated like this?” Bayit Yehudi party chairwoman MK Shuli Muallem attacked her for her harsh remarks and said she was engaging in cheap populism and accused her of smearing the chareidim. פעם האנטישמים באירופה העלילו על היהודים שהפיצו את האבעבועות השחורות. עכשיו בוועדת העבודה הרווחה והבריאות – ח”כ @YuliaMalinovsky מאשימה את החרדים בהתפרצות החצבת. חבל שדיון בעל חשיבות לאומית הופך למוקד רדיפה. — שולי מועלם-רפאלי (@Shuli_MR) October 22, 2018 “How dare you slander an entire public here? What ignorance! Rabbis call on the public to be vaccinated. The problem of non-vaccinating exists in all Israeli society. Why do you take a professional, public health debate in order to raise political capital? Where’s your shame? Where were you at the beginning of the debate,” Muallem fired back. Muallem added in a tweet, “The anti-Semites in Europe once blamed the Jews for spreading the smallpox, and now the Labor and Welfare Committee – MK Malinovsky accuses the chareidim of the measles outbreak. It is a shame that a discussion of national importance becomes a focus of persecution.” MK Malinovsky responded: “Only yesterday, the Mako news website published a worrisome statistic that about half the measles patients – at least from the cases identified so far – occurred among the chareidi populations. This is a research statistic and not my invention. במאקו פרסמו שמעל למחצית מהנדבקים הם חרדים, גם מאקו אנטישמים? משרד הבריאות הציב עמדות חיסון מיוחדות בשכונות החרדיות, גם משרד הבריאות אנטישמי? את תמשיכי עם הפוליטיקה הקטנה והצביעות ואני אמשיך לדאוג לשלום הציבור. — Yulia Malinovsky יוליה מלינובסקי (@YuliaMalinovsky) October 22, 2018 “Beyond the search for ‘guilty’, as a rule, it is important for me to clarify my position on the subject – one who chooses not to vaccinate himself or his children, acts negligently and irresponsibly and endangers an entire environment. Pregnant, the elderly … It’s enough to lie, pretend enough, and the unethical public and its leaders must take responsibility and act according to the recommendations of the Health Ministry.” MK Yinon Azoulai of Shas slammed Malinovsky’s words and said: “MK Malinovsky’s foolish words attest to total ignorance and a mistaken worldview.” Azoulai added: “It is a shame that in order to earn her political fortune, Malinovsky chooses to slander an entire public”. “I expect Mrs. Malinovsky to apologize for her grave remarks, the sooner, the better”. On Wednesday, YWN published a story about a measles outbreak in New York, with 6 residents of Williamsburg and seven residents of Rockland County confirmed to have the disease. An additional eight suspected cases in Rockland County were being investigated involving … Continue reading WATCH: Knesset Member Slams Chareidim For Spread Of Measles; Goes After “Gender Separation” In Health Clinics