Israel: Nine Arrested For Bribing Health Ministry Officials


Israel Police officials on Wednesday, February 13, 2019, reported that following an investigation by the Lahav 433 Major Crimes Unit involving experts from the Economic Crimes Unit, police during the morning hours arrested nine persons suspected of fraud and other white-collar crimes. Additionally,two other suspects were detained for questioning in the case. All of the suspects are reportedly civil servants working in government offices.

The suspects arrested will be questioned ‘under warning’, which means there is sufficient evidence against them that will likely lead to a criminal indictment.

According to various news reports, the nine are suspected of bribing a supervisor at the Health Ministry. The inspector was found among the detainees and allegedly helped fish shops, bakeries and small restaurants in Tel Aviv in exchange for bribes.

According to the suspicions, the suspects, each according to his share, ostensibly gave bribes to the supervisor, who in turn worked to promote their personal benefit by issuing permits and information that aided their business conduct while attempting to harm those who did not take part in the bribes.

The suspects were brought for questioning by the police and then arraigned in a Rishon L’Tzion court.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)