MAILBAG: A Family’s Nightmare of a Young Child With Measles

The last day of Yom Tov should have been a wonderful ending to a beautiful Pesach in Israel. Instead, it turned into a nightmare no parent should have to experience. Yehudah Yosef, at the time 11.5 months, had been feverish and coughing for a few days. On Shabbos morning, he woke up with a scorching fever; pimples encased his tongue, and he had difficulty breathing. We rushed him to the hospital, where doctors suspected meningitis, fearing the worst. At the time, Yehuda was lethargic and completely unresponsive. The spinal tap came back clear, and a urine and blood test confirmed a diagnosis of measles. He was scheduled to have been vaccinated the week after Pesach, and must have been exposed to a contagious individual weeks prior… Yehudah Yosef was treated at Sharei Zedek hospital in Jerusalem. The man who saved his life is Prof. Dr. Yechiel Schlessinger, head of pediatrics and an infectious disease doctor by training, and we owe him tremendous gratitude. “This innocent baby suffered unbelievable pain through no fault of his own. Take pictures, show the world what measles can do to a innocent child.” This was the edict of Prof. Dr. Schlessinger. Attached are pictures of Yehudah Yosef before the measles struck, and how he looked during his stay at the hospital. (SEE BELOW) Yehuda Yosef’s case was very complicated with infections in his lungs and ears. He was on Oxygen, steroids, antibiotics, and IV fluids. We feared possible long-term consequences of the complications, such as hearing loss. B’chasdei Hashem, and thanks to the incredible staff at Sharei Zedek, he was released after 10 days of hospitalization. He is still on antibiotics for lingering infections. Endless tears were shed and tefillos said for this beautiful little boy whose life hung in the balance. We are certain that Hakodosh Baruch Hu restored his health in the merit of the many who davened and stormed the heavens for his complete refuah. Measles is an illness which had been eradicated for decades. It is incredibly contagious, and can be fatal–especially for young children. Please, please, get your children & grandchildren vaccinated! Check your own immunity with a blood titer test. Do not let your innocent children and grandchildren suffer the fate that Yehudah Yosef and his family had to endure. With thanks to all our friends and families and most of all, to the Ribono Shel Olam, The Cassell and Engelberg Families NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN. DO YOU HAVE AN OPINION YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE POSTED ON YWN? SEND IT TO US FOR REVIEW.