Egypt Pushing Obama to Address Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal


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Egypt is working with the White House towards developing a nuclear free Mideast, working to assist the administration in halting Iran’s nuclear program, but at the same time, calling on President Barak Obama to address Israel’s nuclear weaponry. The effort appears to be based on the 1995 United Nations review of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the Wall Street Journal reports, quoting unnamed American officials. The Egyptian effort calls for a totally nuclear free zone, including Iran, Israel and Turkey.

A US official quoted in the report adds that he does not see any significant progress on this front until such time there is progress in peace-making efforts between Israel and her neighbors.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. A bunch of bullies surround a kid and start beating him he fights well and beats many bullies but there are so many they keep comming non stop.

    No one can keep fighting that long against that many forever and if they ever get the upper hand they swear they will kill their intended victim.

    Finally the kid produces a gun and they all back off.

    Then they run to the police to scream about how this “violent kid” is “making threats (when he never did) and waving a gun around like a maniac.

    “Take his gun away!!!”, they say, as they gleefully rub their hands together in anticipation of the kid being forced to be weak enough and defenseless enough, for them to gang up on him again and finish him off.

    This is the same situation with Israel and their nukes and the antisemites of the world screaming how “unfair” it is that Israel is not a nuke free, defenseless sitting duck, like they were in 1948.

    Iran can threaten Israel with nukes but Israel cannot have them undetr any circumstances even when they don’t admit to having them, let alone threatening anyone with them.

  2. Mr. Obama should be very careful with handling the MidEast problems concerning Israel. one who is surrounded by his enemies should not be expected to keep his hands up!!!. Mr. Obama should carry out some investigations on the MidEast issues and after which he should sit down think and re-think before making a decision on the Defenseless Israelis.

  3. letemalone:
    There are one of 2 possibilities.
    1. Obama is clueless and doesn’t know ANYTHING about the Middle East
    2. Obama is well briefed and fully knowledgeable on all countries in the Middle East and the history and he still chooses to walk the path of foolish naivette and arrogant blindness.

    I’m going with # 2. He is an arrogant idealistic dreamer. He thinks that the Arabs give 2 hoots about his charm and talk. Ahmadinejad isn’t looking to be friends with you Obambi! He wants to blow up Israel and the USA. What will it take for you to see reality?!

  4. wellinformed,

    There is the correct third reality:

    3. Obama is well briefed and fully knowledgeable on all countries in the Middle East, and their history, and he will be settling this in accordance with the rule of law.

    Applying the rule of law evenly for a change does seem to have some Israeli “supporters” upset, but they will simply have to get over it.

    Israel has a very short window to create a viable two state solution, the fastest and last chance route is the Arab Peace Initiative, at the weekend Secretary Clinton heavily praised it as the way forward for a better future.

    Otherwise it will be the dreaded One State Solution(tm) and a completely Apartheid state rather than the partial one that Jimmy Carter described in great detail.

  5. Out of the two possibilities mentioned above, I’ll take #3; That Obama is a an Arab loving Islamic loving antisemite who wants to see the one Jewish country and all the “White” countries destroyed and subdued under the rule of the “darker skinned” people as has been preached for 20 years by his “Reverend” Wright.

    He has the power and is following his plan for “a new world order”.

  6. hereorwhere,

    It’s “bad” to love an Arab? How come? That’s pretty racist in its own right no?

    President Obama is an anti-Semite? Nope, there is absolutely no evidence of such a charge, you are simply making it up.

    Oh, and he wants to see all the “white” countries “destroyed” based on some out of context cherry picking that tea bagging birther wingnuts have dreamed up.


    In other words, you are stark raving mad, and you are one of the worst “supporters” Israel could ever ask for.

    How pathetic.

  7. It’s not racist to hate those who 1. laughed at the hearing of the twin towers falling..

    2. did many suicide bombs on many many innocent civilians

    3. train their children in kindergartens to kill Jews.

    etc etc etc.

    Is it racist to hate Nazis?? I think not.

  8. bbsnews Everything you said is absolutely false.

    #1 Israel is not the “apartheid” country you and the other antisemites love to claim it supposedly is.

    They have Arabs in the Knesset, and no Arab country or persian country has any Jews in their rulling bodies making legislation and decisions under which the country’s population must live by.

    I’ll bet you have all kind of excuses for apartheid countries like Jordan which will not allow Jews in at all.

    #2 The “law” is not being applied evenly, nor would ‘you’ like it, if it actually would be, for once.

    Arabs are allowed to steal Jewsish land and “settle” on it all they want.

    Further no other country besides Israel, is told they may not build in or ‘settle’ their country.

    If the law were applied evenly Israel would be allowed to do so, just like all the other countries.

    #3 Jimmy Carter is a vicious antisemite as bad as Achmadinijad of Iran.

    The fact that you have the screenname of the antisemitic BBS “news” and that you think so highly of Carter, says all I need to know about you.

    #4 I said nothing about liking loving or hating Arabs so you are making fake straw man arguments.

    #5 Of course ‘you’ would make fake claims of supposedly no evidence of Obamas antisemitism which is all over the place.

    A) He sat for 20 years listening to and being influenced by Rev Wright who lives to spout anti semitic and anti American and anti White visious lies.

    He said Wright was “like an uncle” to him.

    B) He played down and tried to hide his Islamic middle name during the campaign and then rammed it down our throats at the innaguration as if to way “Ha ha I fooled you and you can’t do anything about it now”.

    C) He gave Hamas 800 million (or a billion) of us taxpayer “stimulous” money.

    D) He ordered Israel not to build Jewish housing in the Jewish capital.

    E) He is the first president and only president to ever snub an official from any other country by inviting him to the White House and then deliberately not walking into the room to see the foreign official, and he did it ‘only’ to Israel.

    But since you are the “stark raving mad” one you will refuse to see obvious antisemitism and anything but antisemitism.