Photo Essay: Catskills – The Satmar Rebbe Of Williamsburg In Machne Divrei Yoel In Swan Lake (Photos by JDN)



  1. As Satmar is Expandig and the Evidence on Yshivaworld of Satmar Indoctrinations of many hunreds in their camps to aggresively protest against Israel ( To Become the New Netrurei Karta!) this year and Last Year, this may be an Important Warning to the rest of us. I dont like talking like this – but these are mushuga Sonai Yisroel that join with murderous enemies of millions of Jews and seek to influence politicians and public sentiment Against Israel and in Favor of the Terrorists! (Rachmana Litslan!) I know many sa its a shita. My shita is if you join in public rallies with murderous enemies of Jews, who kill secular and religous, yeshivish and chasidim! and make sure to Indoctrinate in your schools and camps to Protest n rallies against “the tsionim” – it sounds like a Fifth column! Of course as in the USA and elsewhere, most Yidden in ISrael are not religous! Should we complain if they dont have Chasidic viewpoints?! Of course there is to be voicing criticism when appropriate. But I do appreciate the fact the government DOES give MONEY TO Yeshivas and Kollels, there are shomer shabbas soldier units, Orthodox marriages and conversions are what is officially allowed and the brave soldiers heroically protect millions of Jews of all kinds! We Ourselves Need to Galvanize in Support of Israel as its enemies of the Arab / Moslem world, anti semites and (Satmar?!) grow in numbers! Al Taamod Al Dam Rayacha and Al Tisne Es Achicha! The Satmar shita is on One side and Agudah and Lubavitch and Modern Orthodox are on the other.