That’s When I Found Out I Wasn’t Jewish



Here is crazy and real story of how I went from Jewish, to non-Jewish, to Jewish, to kallah, to mom, to single mom, to kallah again.

It hasn’t been any easy ride. 

Growing up, I thought we were the typical Jewish family. It wasn’t util I was a teenager that I found out I wasn’t Jewish at all. On a Birthright plane flying over the ocean I contemplate my life, and after landing in Israel I found myself face to face with what I’d searched for my whole life: Truth. 

Another Birthright-then-never-went-home case, that’s me. I followed my heart to seminary and before long I was halachically Jewish.

When I got married we thought that it was our happily ever after. But after my three gorgeous children were born, a head trauma damaged my then-husband’s brain irreversibly. Continuing to build a life together was not an option.

Since then I’ve fought hard to take care of my kids on my own.Being a single mom is a huge challenge. I work all the hours I can, and we live very modestly. They miss having a dad who can tuck them in at night.

Now, like a miracle, we have hope for the future again. I’m engaged to an incredible chassan who also left his old life behind to be Jewish. We both made a choice, to follow our dreams and keep mitzvos, no matter what it meant. But here we are planning a wedding, with no support from either side. My family won’t even be at my wedding.

I have seen that some people are able to get help through campaigns like this. We are praying that those who see our story will open our hearts and help us start a new life. This is my chance for my kids to have a dad again. This is my chance to have the Jewish home I always dreamed of. Please help us get married. 

Thank you. Malka