This Video is Not for the Faint of Heart – Will You Help?

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We are grief-stricken with this immeasurable tragedy.

Mrs. Baila Rivka Mertzbach nee Uhr a”h

A young mother from Monsey, with no prior medical conditions, has tragically succumbed to the coronavirus.

She left behind a family of 11 children with the youngest just 1 year old.

This tragedy has shaken us to the core. The children have been left shattered, lost, and bereft of their mother’s love and warm care. “How will we survive the excruciating pain of living without Mommy?” her family is weeping.


Moreover, this selfless woman an isha tzaddekes put in great effort to bring a parnassah so that her husband – a choshuva talmid chochom could continue his Limud Hatorah. How can we stand by hearing the bitter cry of her family who remains devastated and broken? We must push ourselves past our limits!

Dear Yidden,

Please open your hearts and donate generously. In this zechus may Hashem bentch you with health, parnassah and nachas.


OR call our 24-hour donation line: 845-384-1121

Donations can be mailed to:

Zichron Binyamin

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