Satmar Organizing Another Anti-Israel Protest Next Week in Manhattan

Another anti-Israel protest organized by Satmar is in the making. This time it is against the recent arrests made in Israel by the IDF for those who dodged serving in the army, Behadrei Haredim blog reports. Numerous meetings have been held over the past few days at the home of the Satmar Rebbe in Kiryas Yoel to address steps to be taken to combat the latest events in Israel, ahead of the upcoming vote on the IDF draft bill. According to the report, as a first step, Satmar is arranging next week a protest outside the Israeli consulate and the UN building in New York City where 100s of cars, with posters attached to their windows, will be driving slowly around the block honking their horns in protest. The protest will obviously cause heavy traffic in the already busy borough of Manhattan. At the same time, thousands of Yeshivah students will march in the surrounding streets, carrying posters in various languages and handing out flyers to bystanders by-goers explaining the purpose of the protest. More details to follow. (Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)