Satmar Organizing Another Anti-Israel Protest Next Week in Manhattan


satmAnother anti-Israel protest organized by Satmar is in the making. This time it is against the recent arrests made in Israel by the IDF for those who dodged serving in the army, Behadrei Haredim blog reports.

Numerous meetings have been held over the past few days at the home of the Satmar Rebbe in Kiryas Yoel to address steps to be taken to combat the latest events in Israel, ahead of the upcoming vote on the IDF draft bill.

According to the report, as a first step, Satmar is arranging next week a protest outside the Israeli consulate and the UN building in New York City where 100s of cars, with posters attached to their windows, will be driving slowly around the block honking their horns in protest.

The protest will obviously cause heavy traffic in the already busy borough of Manhattan.

At the same time, thousands of Yeshivah students will march in the surrounding streets, carrying posters in various languages and handing out flyers to bystanders by-goers explaining the purpose of the protest.

More details to follow.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. Why is this always Satmar’s responsibilty?? Where is the Yiddishe Gefeel from all other Religious groups? is this not important enough? To stand up against SHmad R’L!!
    What is all the learning of Torah worth here in America, if we don’t FEEL what our brothers are going thru in the Medina?? Wake up American Jews before its too late.

  2. So nice how about we organize an anti going to ערכאות rally or anti brothers fighting over money rally
    Or anti מסירה on each other’s faction rally!
    The only reason they have this rally is to give them something to live for
    If you have nothing to give over tgen what you do is make a big deal that you are not them and then everything is rosy. The average non frum tzioni causes less of a chillul hashem in a lifetime than these two leaders cause in a day!!!!

  3. One more thing as with all the rallies these people stage you will see and hear ביזוי תלמידי חכמים to the fullest
    It’s not only the IDF it is also against whomever disagrees no matter how big of a gadol.
    Tried and proven every single time!!!

  4. 1. “Dodging” the draft is what is done by lazy zionists. Hareidim opposed to the medinah are RESISTING the draft. “Dodging” is hypocritical and cowardly (you go conquer the West Bank and kill the Arabs, I’ll stay home and pray for you). RESISTANCE is brave and perhaps noble (I oppose your regime, and no matter what you offer me, or you threaten me, I won’t fight your war for you) – it may be wrong-headed and unwise, but it is definitely not cowardly “evasion.”.

    2. It will be interesting to see if anyone other than Satmar Hasidim get involved. If ones sees people from the Agudah related groups (hasidim and yeshivish) involved, it will indicate a very radical shift is occuring.

  5. Glad I didn’t donate any CASH to the Satmar mosdos on their recent Brooklyn get togethers.
    Always wonder where the $$$ goes; full page NY times ads against Israel, paper/posters and publicity stunts against the Jewish people.
    Do hope they will include tefillos for the physical dangers that the Jews in Eretz Yisroel are undergoing with rocks (bus 1 to Kosel yesterday), rockets, terror attacks, failed kidnappings (b”H) and Nuclear Iran in the making.

  6. The article says in the third paragraph: “100s of cars … will be driving slowly around the block honking their horns …. That’s not a protest, that’s Friday afternoon near a kosher supermarket in any frum neighborhood.

  7. bklynmom: If it was up to Satmar (and the Eidah Hareidis) there would be an end to the hostilities with the Muslims. We would accept second class citizenship and let them run the country, and be content to be a quaint but autonomous minority (in other words, a return to the status quo ante of pre-1914, albeit with Arabs rather than Turks being theoretically on top). The Satmar position is that this is what halacha demands, and that the conditions that would allow us to make war on the Muslims were never met, and therefore the war is contrary to halacha. THIS IS THE REAL ISSUE. You zionists think it is about government money, but anti-zionist yeshiovs never accepted government money. All they wanted was to be allowed to stay out of your war with the Arabs, and it is your decision to no longer tolerate their neutrality that triggered the conflict.

  8. “where 100s of cars, with posters attached to their windows, will be driving slowly around the block honking their horns in protest”

    SORRY, Rabbi SHAPIRO, those of us who are ‘Baalai Mussar’ can NOT drive around blocks slowly, honking horns and put multitudes of people in distress and cause a huge Chilul Hashem. Any other, good ideas?

  9. to #8 – protests, etc. are funded by a separate fund than funds for schools, shuls, etc. – Satmar is doing a lot more than protest, and a lot more good for Judaism and Torah than you will ever do in your entire life

  10. How exactly is stopping traffic in Manhattan going to accomplish anything? This is a sad excuse of a response. This is as big a chillul hashem as it gets. So happy I don’t attend any of their fundraising events. Very clear where the money goes.

  11. Bklynmom: that’s not what they use the money for however these fools who invite the rebbe to their house in flatbush are first of all aiding a מוסר and הולך לערכאות , בעל מחלוקות to boot .
    What you don’t realize is that they always preach against the ״פלאטבוש איד״ as if he is a piece of chazir. The satmar biker cholim has nothing to do with the rebbes it was around way before them. For a little kovod the sell their souls then reb Aaron comes to marine park to speak about achdus .what a joke!

  12. To No.2 you do not HAVE to believe all shekorim and gossip and you certainly do not have to air them in public, and why do you compare them to the true and real tragedy klall yisruel is going through in eretz yisruel, and instead of helping them you try to belittle the ones that do. I am not taking part in this protest but I congratulate those that do יהי חלקי עמהם

  13. You are glad you did not donate to Satmar, so am I, but I must point out to you that the most teffilos for the Israeli jews to be safe from dangers fortunately come from Satmar, if ever you go into a Satmar house of prayer Shabbos early morning or any other day there is a LARGE group saying all of thelim for the safety of Israeli jews

  14. To YWN why do you wright anti-israel it’s anti-giyes and arresting bochrim from yeshiva’s do you hold yourself Zionist (worst then pro Zionist), and to comment no.2 Mr gelt just good to know that both satmers came together by the last protest

  15. #12
    “If it was up to Satmar (and the Eidah Hareidis) there would be an end to the hostilities with the Muslims”” EXCEPT THAT IS NOT THE REALITY…..

    “The Satmar Rebbe himself wrote that if the Arabs take over they will kill everybody. (See דברי יואל on פרשת בא)
    The IDF does not defend the State. It defends the Jewish people. The Arabs have promised that any land surrendered by the Jews will be used to kill more Jews. And they have kept that promise.”

  16. All tyrannical systems need a common enemy. It’s the only issue the Zalmaniacs and Ahronitics agree on. All you anti-Israel fools can’t see Yad Hashem and the many Nisiim that go on here all the time. Just another repeat of history, where you’ve turned your backs on the Land.

    akuperma, you think all of history under Islamic dominance was a good thing? What of the Dhimi status when things were at its best, the forced conversions and the pogroms when at its worst? You think todays Islamic radicals will be better. You’re begging for another holocaust (G-d Forbid) How dumb can you be?

    Blame the Zionists all you want. Though I disagree with their leftist mentality, they have more merit than you. They rebuilt the Land and paved the way for Moshiach. They’ve provided more funding for Torah than anyone in history, which allowed the Torah world to be rebuilt after Churban Europe.

    Yes, they’ve done bad things too, but when Hashem allowed us to return home, they are the ones who stepped up to the plate and we should give them credit for that. Bottom line, where are you going to go when you run for your life, Iran?

  17. BayyLS1: All the Israelis have to do is offer the Hareidim something that is at least no worse the Dhimi status and there will be no demonstrations, no talk of opposing the state. That means no conscription, the hareidim who choose to be subject to their own Beis Din are not subject to the government courts, no attempts at forced conversion (which, by the way, were very rare in Muslim countries – its the Christians who saw converting Jews as a duty). At present, the hareidim in Eretz Yisrael are worse off than they were under the traditional “dhimmi” (or “millet”) system.

    Whether the zionists fund yeshivos that toe their party line is their issue – since real hareidim don’t accept such tainted money (and yes, yeshivos with long black coats and a taste for government funding should be trying to set up hesder units or getting used to the idea of not accepting government money they apparently thought that the money was since the zionists loved Torah, and didn’t realize it was due to the need to buy votes in the kenesset – the parties such as Agudah, Degel ha-Torah and Shas confused a bribe with a a freely given donation).

    The primary force rebuilding the Torah world was the money raised in America. The major “contribution: of the zionists was to make sure that most Shomer Shabbos Jews arriving in Israel were “converted” into secular zionists (the demographis clearly show how successful they were). The rebuilding of Torah was in spite of the zionists, not because of it.

  18. Number 5 and repeated in number 12, you are delusional. Why not visit the gaza strip the next time you are in Israel( but beware because the treifa medinah and Tzahal are required to protect you), of perhaps hezballah land and tell them you you are a friend bearing wishes of peace ( alas all they want is piece).