Degel Hatorah Threatening to Break from Jerusalem City Council Over Chillul Shabbos


pindrus.jpgThreats to the coalition by religious parties are not only seen on the national level in Knesset at present, but on a local level too, in Yerushalayim.

According to one report, from Kikar Shabbos News, Councilman Yitzchak Pindrus denies this is the case while other members of the Degel faction confirm the validity of the reported crisis surrounding growing chilul Shabbos in the city.

According to reports, during a Yahadut Hatorah faction meeting in City Hall on Monday, 4 Adar-II, Pindrus spoke about leaving the coalition if compelled by ongoing growing chilul Shabbos in the city while officials turn a blind eye. He was referring to the Mitcham HaTachana, which recently received an official green light from the city planning board to operate on Shabbos. Interestingly, the approval was made possible by Shas as Shas’ city councilman absented himself from the vote and he was the majority swing vote. So in essence, Shas is to blame, not the planning board.

Members of the Agudas Yisrael (Chassidish) faction of the party told their Degel colleagues they will have to consult with Gedolei Yisrael before taking a position on the matter. Degel councilmen explain Mayor Nir Barkat promised them the stores in the Mitcham HaTachana would not open on Shabbos, and this past Shabbos, at least one has already done just that. Agudas Yisrael councilmen promised to consult immediately as to know how to act in the event the Degel faction of the chareidi party does pull from the city council.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)