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    I like a good old-fashioned bagel, the type with a thick skin from boiling, baked to chewy perfection. Back home, they used to call them “New York” bagels. Thing is, I haven’t seen any of these bagels at the local kosher bakeries since I’ve been here. Frozen, Lender’s, etc. just don’t do it.

    So, CR people, help me find a GOOD bagel. Where should I go to get ’em in the 4 boros or Teaneck area? (No disrespect but SI is too much a shlep, sorry.)

    And what’s your favorite topping? I like a sesame bagel with a thick shmear of cream cheese, two thin slices of lox, a tomato slice the size of the bagel, and a “nice” bermuda onion. That’s how Daddy taught me. Aaaahhhh… memories of Sunday mornings!



    Bagels and co in forest hills has amazing bagels. They are almost twice as big as any other place’s bagels now adays. Toasted sesame w lox and CC!



    If you’re in Brooklyn, some good options are Bagel Hole (2 stores, one on Coney Island Ave. between J & K, and one on Ave J and E. 15 St.), and Brooklyn Bagels on Nostrand Ave. between Kings Highway and Ave P.

    In Teaneck, Sammy’s makes the best bagels. Poppy’s makes ok bagels, not as good as Sammy’s, but they have better breakfast specials (and have hash browns, which is one of my favorites!)


    sem graduate

    Try Pomegranate in Flatbush on a Motzai Shabbos – they make their bagels by boiling them first


    Hu Ika Anuh

    Easy one. Hot Bagels in Boro Park on 13/48.

    Just don’t look around too much, while waiting for your order.


    Hot bagels in Boro park and bagel hole. They both have their maalos. Personally, I feel that Hot bagels taste better but taam veraiach ain lehisphakeiakh.


    🍫Syag Lchochma

    JHF – I’ll take one just like yours but hold the lox. YUM


    I really like Oh Bagels! on coney between n and o. They don’t hurt my jaws by the time I’m done, but they’re also not those soft (pretend-)mezonos bagels.



    This favorite topping is likely very unpopular, perhaps downright odd, but I love…bean sprouts. !!!


    YW Moderator-42

    I’ll have a toasted sesame bagel with cream cheese, a medium coffee with milk and sugar, and I’ll have cheese fries with that and a large coke zero.



    ahhhhhh, cheese fries…..yum! 🙂



    Damoshe:Just a note about a little known fact and could be important for an out of towner. Brooklyn Bagel and Bagel Hole as everyone (myself included)calls them are misnomers and actually the name of non-kosher establishments.

    The actual name of the kosher bagel store on Nostrand is Original Brooklyn Bagel.

    We found this out as once a friend from out of town with a similar request as the opening poster wanted a bagel store and we recommended Brooklyn bagel. Apparently Brooklyn Bagel gets called many times a month for people looking for the kosher store on Nostrand.

    Next time you pass,look at the big letters Brooklyn Bagel on the storefront, prior are the words Original superimposed on a bagel.The real name for Bagel hole is Kosher Bagel Hole

    Here are their phone listings:

    Original Brooklyn Bagel Nostrand Ave (718) 253-5928

    Kosher bagel Hole (718) 377-9700

    Going with Brooklyn bagel or either Bagel Hole are solid choices,Brooklyn Bagel also has real in store seating.



    what happened to plain old cream cheese and lox!!! that was part of being jewish



    Everything bagel with cream cheese, lox and a big hunk of Vidalia onion. The bagel, however, needs to be fresh and warm, not hot, because I don’t like melted cream cheese.



    OOT question: what are cheese fries??


    🍫Syag Lchochma

    OOT answer: fries with cheesy sauce on them (preferably not lumpy)



    Tzaddiq:cheese fries are french fries that after done have cheese melted on top of them in an oven or microwave.Very good very fattening:)



    Try Fallsburg Bagels on 16th and 46th in Boro Park.


    Yummy! I’m dreaming of chewy chewy bagels now! I know how to find 13th Ave. and I think I can find

    Nobody has any suggestions for MANHATTAN?

    @aurora – Bean Sprouts??? Sheesh. That reminds me of the Woody Allen movie where the people eat a corned beef sandwich on Wonder Bread with mayo!!!!

    @abcd2- Thanks for phone numbers and legal names! I think I can find those 2 places, too.

    @Mod42 – milk & sugar in coffee… PLUS a diet soda?? Yer really thirsty! What, no stuff in the pink packet?

    Yum cheesy fries……. needs something way saucier than just melting in microwave. Start with a bechamel sauce… and stir in cheddar cheese!

    @zen3344 – you didn’t say a “nice” Vidalia onion. You may have hurt its feelings.


    YW Moderator-42

    I don’t eat that poison in the pink packets, real sugar it is.



    Hello just having fun,

    Those are some scrumptious-sounding cheese fries! No bean sprouts needed 🙂


    Finally got my bagels. Went to Hot Bagels in Boro Park @ 13th & 48th. I expected to go into a place and see bins full of different toppings of bagels. HAH! You walk in and there’s a counter. The girl asks you what you want on your Hot Bagel. There is no counter seating and not much to look at.

    Hey: They are Hot Bagels served HOT! What a concept! Like the name says!!! I got 2 to go. Ate them cold at home with roast beef.

    YUMMY, but baked more than I expected, lacking that chewy “skin” that the boiling makes. Smelled great warm, nice browning and a little like the outside was toasted but the inside was doughy.

    Definitely recommend them. But will seek out more bagels in my next foray into Brooklyn.



    The OP reference to Staten Island begs a question: has the bagel reached Staten Island yet?


    Have bagels learned to swim yet?



    Oi vey iz mir! That one has to ask about a bagel in NYC? One can legitimately ask, where in EY can you get a genuine bagel, and the answer to that is Eretz Yisrael niknes be’yesurin. High gluten flour here is like contraband.


    yaakov doe

    The absoilute best bagesls come from Bagel Hole on Conjey at K. No one else comes close.


    twisted: There’s a place in meash shearim that sells gluten that you can add to the flour. Although I still haven’t found out the proportions.



    I love teena baygels.



    Bagel Boss on 1st ave near Beth Israel has great bagels


    @qsman- Where/what is teena baygels?

    @mewho- With only a 2 min walk from the L train, I’m gonna try Bagel Boss!

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