Connecticut elementary school shooting — our thoughts and prayers

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    Hello Coffee Room,

    I just wanted to open a thread for us to share our thoughts and prayers for these poor children, families, and teachers. I am saddened beyond words. I pray that for their comfort in this time of tragedy and grief, that G-d always be with them.

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    YW Moderator-007

    Ain poraniyos ba’olam ela bishvis yisroel.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and victims of this sick crime.

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    A tragedy beyond words. Hashem yerachem…

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    May they all rest in peace and the families be comforted. This was a real tragedy.

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    So now Mike Bloomberg has his work cut out, for his remaining 54 weeks in office:- Get all Guns off All Streets of America. This must be his sole & only occupation for the remainder of his time in office, so much so, that he doesn’t even have a single spare moment to attack MBP.

    Meanwhile, Obama’s most important mission for his 2nd term in office has to be to get thru an amendment to the 2nd amendment, as Rights to bear Arms, is obviously nowadays far too dangerous to continue unabated as is.

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    Why do the country let people have guns.

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    I want so much to do something concrete that would help these poor people in some way, even if it’s small…

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    Avi K

    If the teachers had had guns he would have been stopped immediately.

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    Every school should have armed body guards. I’m so upset over this but so warm hearted after hearing some amazing stories of bravery.

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    I am humbled and awed hearing about some of the incredible bravery and sacrifices of these amazing teachers. My heart breaks for the extinguishing of these beautiful speaks of life.

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    This tragedy goes beyond the pale. I was reminded of the children of Maalot. A parent sends a child off to school, never dreaming R”L that child will never come home. I cannot even express how this sickens me.

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    Me too, oomis, me too…when I heard how the one deceased 27 year old teacher referred to her students as “my children,” I lost it…

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    I am listening right now on CNN to a rabbi who will be speaking at the service in Connecticut tonight…very moving. It sounds as if this town has an array of clergy of various faiths who are working together to try to comfort these families. I am grateful for that. It looks like CNN has some information about how people can help — I think I’ll check it out…

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    A massive tragedy.

    But what bothers me is: why do they let Obama repeatedly shed crocodile tears on TV?

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