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    Women have smaller tear ducts. They therefore do

    not need to build up as much liquid as a man does

    for their tears to leave their eyes.



    Is that why they’re emotional wrecks?


    Little Froggie

    ???? ?????? ????? ?????? ?????.

    Be careful guys. Tears, truthful, earnest tears, are powerful.

    In supplication too. ??? ???? ?????. But it must be real ones, from the heart.


    The information on a CD(/DVD/etc.) is not in

    the shiny backing but in the plastic.


    It is possible to tell by the sound of water being poured whether it (the water) is hot or cold.


    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Joseph – actually that’s because we’re more aware of our emotions which is why we’re emotionally healthier and more sensitive. That’s also why we make better mothers.

    Not saying that men aren’t as good as women and that there’s not a maaleh to being less emotional – women need men to balance them out – if everyone were emotional, the world would be a nuttier place than it already is. I’m just pointing out that it’s not a chisaron that women are more emotional.

    I don’t know if you meant your comment in a negative way, but since it can be taken that way, I felt I had to add that.



    Did you see the meme that says, “If all world leaders were women, there’d be no wars, just a whole bunch of countries not talking to eachother.


    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    LB – lol. I like that.

    LF – +1

    Randomex – I didn’t get either of your last 2 posts. What do they mean, and what do they have to do with the topic?


    1 in 38 Americans lives in New York City.

    Yearly, 100 million takeout boxes are used in the city’s Chinese restaurants.

    Laid out in a line, the city’s subway system would reach Chicago.

    At any given time, more people are on the New York subway system
    than there are people living in Boulder, Colorado, and the number of
    people who ride it each day is more than the population of Los Angeles.



    1 in 7 Americans “shtams” from Brooklyn.



    “Is that why they’re emotional wrecks?”
    Actually they say its the other way around, releasing your emotions is very healthy. Keeping your emotions in can lead to depression.
    So “emotional” – yes. “wrecks” – No!

    Also, it has been known throughout the ages, that its these ‘Yiddishe Mamma’ “tears” that kept us Yidden !


    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Gaon – +100!


    From 1929-1940, Russia did not use a 7-day week.
    (They started with a 5-day week, then moved to 6.)



    Typical communist religious-haters.

    The 7 day week comes from us Jews.


    The temperature required in an area for the average woman to be
    comfortable there is higher than that required for the average man.


    The 7-day week probably dates back to Adam haRishon.



    What this means is that the Creator facilitated women’s tears. They were made to cry easier. The same Creator made men. I think He knew what He was doing. My guess.


    Are you just reading snapple facts?


    No. 🙂


    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    “The 7 day week comes from us Jews.”
    “The 7-day week probably dates back to Adam haRishon.”

    I believe the Kuzari uses this as a proof that the Torah is Emes (the fact that the whole world keeps a 7 day week, which is seemingly random unless the Biblical account of Creation is true, which it is, of course).


    Chocolate-covered onions are a thing.


    “In the winter, more static electricity builds up in our homes because the heaters are on, which sucks moisture out of the air. In the summer, water in the air can help dissipate the electrons that we pick up as we move around, but when the air is drier, the charge collects and clings to us, building up until… zap!”
    -quoted by Google from ScienceBuddies

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