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    Do you have an emergency escape plan in place for your family?

    Prevention is huge, in any emergency. At the same time, parents and individuals are encouraged to have a practiced safety plan in place if anything G-d forbid happens.

    Single-family homes: Ladders or ropes and routes to escape from windows

    Apartment Buildings: Knowing routes outside if possible, where to meet, where to lay low, and how to call for help

    Pets: Labels on your windows with # & type of animals, and where they may be hiding, for emergency teams

    We learned about these plans in public elementary school.

    Hopefully Jewish schools do the same, because knowing how to best respond when your brain is in panic, because it’s already something that you’ve practiced, will be relevant and helpful now and always.

    … btw, I didn’t have a ladder or didn’t do an actual drill with my parents growing up, but I think that we talked about it… and I had extra blankets/sheets in the chest by my window that I knew how to tie into a rope to my bed post and climb out the second floor if need be.

    Thank you for being proactive with your posts! Good to address these matters ☺💖



    High rise buildings?



    Yes Joe, high rise buildings also have fires….reminder about London several months ago



    Are sprinkler systems as helpful as escape plans?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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