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    Can anyone recommend a good book on the parasha? I mean something that’s comprehensive, not just small, short dvar torahs that most books offers.


    Pearls for the shabbos table


    There’s tell me the story of the parsha



    There is a weekly Parsha sheet that goes out via email, and is is printed up as well from They’re planning to release it as a sefer next year, but meanwhile you can sign up to get it. Basically, it’s a long dvar Torah based on the Parsha, that is meant to develop a specific idea each week to work on which will prepare you for the Next World.



    Thanks. Are there any other ideas?



    Your request is a bit vague. You say you dont want “short dvar torahs”
    But there are hundreds of good books on the PArsha ranging from Onkelos, My First PArsha reader both of which are “good book”s, ” comprehensive,” and “not just small, short dvar torahs”

    what language?
    what level?
    Are you looking for a book focusing on peshat? thematic elements? Halacha? Mussar?
    Is there anywork you have in mind that you are looking for something similar?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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