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    Can anyone here reccomend a good psychiatrist in Brooklyn ?

    One that takes insurance or is fairly inexpensive.

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    YW Moderator-007

    Sure Joseph, there are a quite a few in the Avenue I area of Flatbush.

    Quick – respond to yourself from another username.

    Hurry! We all want to see how long it will take you!!!

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    What was all that abaout?

    Another Questions

    Is it better to deal with someone frum, if part of the problem has to do with yiddishkait?

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    YW Moderator-007

    Sure sure. Just change your diaper Joseph, and everything will be just fine.

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    This is a question for Superman. No really – contact the Org. “Relief” – they can help you. They will fit a Shrink for you. It will be the best for you whether Frum or not.

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    RebbeRHershel: Don’t mind them, they’re just joking around about the frequent poster (under different names) Joseph. I don’t have any specific recommendations for psychiatrists in Brooklyn, but I recommend you contact the therapist Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn (you can find his blog online), to see if he can help you, or point you towards someone he recommends. He wrote his book Daas Torah after he realized that many of his therapy clients didn’t have psychological problems — rather they had hashkafic problems.

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    I asked a serious question, why do you guys have to be so demeaning?

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    Why don’t you go see Dr. A. Y. Akup

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    Mod007 – in my humblekite, I thought a Mod should be slightly more moderate.

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    ZeesKite – In my humblepence, I thought a ZeesKite should be more zees.

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    There seem to be a number of people who can tell you psychiatrists who are ineffective based on their own experiences.

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    Usually, when I look for a specialist, I ask my doctor for a referral… why don’t you go that route??

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    I don’t get it “just my hapence”, what’s so not sweet about my question. All I asked is why someone here is offered a Size Ten beating.

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    There is an organization called Relief that offers mental health care referral services specifically geared to the Jewish community. Their phone number for Brooklyn referrals is 718-431-9501

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    Zeeskite – I just found your comment mildly ironic given that on other threads you have ably demonstrated your ability to be just a tiny teeny weeny bit rude and decidedly unzees.

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    I guess if she were a size 8 she wouldn’t get a beating.

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    WIY, I think that’s a he.

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    “just my hapence”, I don’t try to be “rude and decidedly unzees”, even a teeny weeny bit. Except when it comes to defending the honor of HaShem, His Gedolim, and His Torah. The folks here know me, too. Ask ’em.

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    I’m sorry, Zeeskite, but referring to someone who thinks that a troll’s random chumra may not be m’ikkar ha’din as the yetzer horah (you called ‘old man’, and I quote, “Old Foolish King”, which, as you pointed out is how Shlomo Hamelech referred to the yetzer horah) is not “defending the honor of HaShem, His Gedolim, and His Torah.” It’s rude. Putting down anyone who doesn’t agree with your hashkofos and disregarding the gadlus of certain Gedolim (when it was pointed out to you that not all Gedolim held as you thought, you decided that they weren’t ‘Toarah-true Gedolim’) is not “defending the honor of HaShem, His Gedolim, and His Torah.” It’s not only rude, but a p’gam in Kovod Hatorah. You may not be trying to be rude, but you’re managing very well.

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    If you keep attacking me, I’m gonna need a .. “Good psychiatrist”

    What called me out on that was the derogatory tone used. I almost never mix into content. And, mind you, I wasn’t the only one to take issue with that.

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    Zeeskite – derogatory tone or not, his post was in no way an affront to HaShem, torah or Gedolim. It was pointing out that someone has interpreted something in a rather over-the-top manner. That’s to do with the person not HaShem. And your response was unjustified.

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    Try going to the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services. You can get affordable psychiatric care as well as quality and affordable therapists (I know the branch in BP has a very good reputation). Hatzlacha

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    Another suggestion, aside from JBFS would be to speak to the psychiatric department of a top notch hospital, and get a referral from them. Also,Dr David Pelcovitz, although a psychologist, would probably be able to recommend somebody good. Hatzlacha

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    WIY Weberman

    Now this week, we have seen the full truth of how correct Rav Avigdor Miller ZT’L was. I heard him say so many times, that psychiatrist themselves require a psychiatrist, and counselors themselves require a counselor.

    This was true Da’as Toroh of the highest caliber.

    Meanwhile, Rav Avigdor Miller ZT’L is probably busy introducing his [oldest] son-in-law to Yeshiva Shel Ma’aloh & to Gan Eden.

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    If the shoe were on the other foot how would you react then? To be judgmental is not a healthy attribute, be nice and what goes around comes around. The golden rule.

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    Another thing Rav Avigdor Miller ZT’L said, is that men should only seek help from men and ladies from ladies.

    Avraham Migayer es ha’anushim, V’sara migayeres es hanoshim.

    He stated that he is aware of a case, in which a young man tried to help a young women and he got hooked onto her..

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