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    nice jewish boy

    Dear Yeshivaworld members,

    I would like to create a support groups for frum male adults.
    Who are introverts, shy and sensitive.

    We live in a extrovert talkative society where people who are not that way are pushed under the rug.
    I heard from a therapist once that it is extremely important for these type of people (myself included) to create a support group.
    There are some support groups out there already.
    I would like to create it specifically for our community.
    I can do Google group, whatsapp, conference call.
    I don’t think I can share my info on this forum.



    I bet a good number of CR posters are introverts. If not, then they’re playing introverts by posting in an online forum.



    But I’m not a man, so I can’t be a part of your group. Nevertheless, I send you and your group blessings for the best!



    If you can’t share info here, how would you start it?



    Lightbrite, why are introverts more likely to participate in an online forum?


    Avi K

    Isn’t a group for introverts an oxymoron? It’s like the speaker who opened the atheists’ convention with the words “Thank Gd there are so many atheists”.


    Little Froggie

    I’m here!!!

    Avi, this is a place where people like me, who are scared of their shadow, to come together, to let their voices be heard, to let their talents (huh?) shine. A place to be able to develop…



    slominer: Good question. Surely there are great arguments to say the opposite.

    Still, this is what happens when someone’s posting on the internet:
    There is a person looking at a screen somewhere, and having conversations in one’s head and replying to them. I’m not orally speaking as I type this. There are no other humans in the room. If I were to have this conversation with another human, in a place with other humans, with additional voices, I might feel drained after prolonged communication. Online though, I feel that I can post and manage the communication.

    Now, if someone only posted when in a group, and read all the posts aloud, and made it a community event where all of this posting was really just a small piece of a great real-life open party, then maybe it’s more extroverted.

    Okay… sorry if I didn’t answer your question.

    Sometimes, I’m on my phone, and reading/participating in the CR. Meanwhile, I may be standing in the grocery store line. I might be outside with my dog. If I wanted to be more extroverted, I could have struck up conversation with someone there, or at least made eye contact. But no. I like being in the CR, because it keeps me learning, and lets me maintain boundaries.

    Anyway… I’ve read CR posts and talked about it with real life people. Not everyone really gets it. It’s interesting, because I never was part of any online forum before the CR, or after. I just ask questions and reply here. Okay, I’m done talking.

    The end 🙂


    Avi K

    1. Does your shadow know what lurks in your heart?
    2. How will your voice be heard when there is no audio?


    Little Froggie

    I don’t know what my shadow knows. I’m scared of it…



    Njb, you sound like a shy, anxious extrovert, nothe like an actual introvert. Introverts are introverted, not (necessarily) shy or anxious.


    Avi K

    RY, did you spend all day figuring out that introverts are introverted? Dr. Miriam Adahan says that introverts do not even necessarily prefer to be alone. We can be alone whereas extroverts feel crushed if they are alone. Moreover, introverts like small groups of long-time friends whereas extroverts like large groups.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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