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    It says a million times in the Torah that we should love the Ger. Does this also apply even when one is married to a ger? Can one divorce a ger? If so, is it worth it? Think about how many mitzvahs the spouse would lose out on.

    Maybe a mutual divorce could be arranged, where each spouse would agree to love to hate each other?

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    I technically had to convert (mother had a non-Orthodox conversion), and was dumped by an ex-fiancee.

    I don’t think divorcing a ger is a wise thing to do. I wouldn’t think G-d looks on it too favorably.

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    Stay married & enjoy the perks of marriage, as well as fulfilling all 36 edicts in the Torah to love a Ger.

    This is also one of the 10 commandments of marriage as per the tapes of Rav Avigdor Miller ZT’L.

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    doesnt it depend on the situation????

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    Bring proofs, dont tell us how you think HKBH thinks or how you think he looks at things.

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    Staying married will cause more hatred. Get devorced and love the Ger from a distance, like the rest of us who aren’t married to this Ger.

    The Gemara in Kedushin, second Perek, says that Ve’ahavta Arei’acha Kamocha is a reason not to marry someone you wouldn’t like. I’m pretty sure Ve’ahavtem Es Hager works the same way.

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    uneeq – I don’t think a Ger is any different than anybody else regarding this.

    I think there are too many divorces nowadays, not for the right reasons, with E/o.

    I think if we were living in the time of Chazal -the Bottei Dinim would not allow all the Gittin that occur in our day & age!

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    When divorcing a ger/ores spouse, you are being mezakeh other yidden to be able to marry and love the ger/oyes. Being mezakeh other yidden (mezakeh es ha’rabbim) is also a great mitzvah – sometimes even at the cost of one’s own mitzvah! (examples in gemarah: freeing an eved to make a minyan or for mitzva of pru u’revu).

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    A ger is a Jew. Treat a ger with the same Ahavas Yisroel and chessed that ALL Jews deserve. That might also mean divorcing that person, NOT because he or she is a GER, but because the marriage is irretrievably broken down, and it is a mitzvah d’Oraisah to give a get to a wife when called-for.

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    Shmendrick: Excellent answer. You got me thinking about an amazing mitzvah. Every ger could marry up to 4 women, being mezakeh the rabim AND help take care of the shidduch crisis. (Rabbenu Gershom will be mochel I’m sure)

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    It feels weird when a joke thread gets serious responses. I inadvertently ended up being a troll.

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    The takana expires in 2054, no?

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