Is Eminent Domain an Imminent Threat to Your Property Rights? Is anyone immune..

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    To the possibility of one’s city someday threatening to take away one’s property via eminent domain?

    What is a just value compensation when it comes to developers breaking up close-knit Yidden communities?

    Thank you



    Where is this happening?



    I don’t know if it is happening to Jewish communities, but it can technically G-d forbid happen.

    It has happened to other communities, and individual property owners.

    I’m just learning about the subject. Up until now, I didn’t know that there are situations where one’s property can be legally seized so long as “just compensation” is paid to the owner. Acquiring land via eminent domain is a process though, which sometimes involves a trial by jury depending on one’s state of residence (Planning Professional PhD and Professor of Urban and Regional Planning).



    Yes, Eminent Domain is a real threat in the USA ever since the Kelo v. New London case here in CT. It used to be that government could take your land for public use….a school, roads, etc.
    Now the Supreme Court found that government could take your land and transfer it to another private owner.
    Pfizer wanted the New London land to build a large facility. The city felt that employment and taxes were a better use of the land and benefited the citizenry. The courts agreed. All these years later the land is vacant, Pfizer never built.

    BTW> my town took 4 feet depth of my road frontage by eminent domain to put in waste sewers. Not only did they not pay for the land, as they argued home values go up when you have sewers, not septic systems, but I had to pay a $30,000 assessment for the cost of the sewers and $3000 to hook up.

    I have been a member of our town’s Board of Assessment Appeals and heard arguments as to value for eminent domain claims.

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