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    anyone know what type of girls go to maacho raya? are they serious but also know when to have fun? help lease…thanks



    The type of girls depends on the year(I know that everyone says that, and its an annoying answer, but its the truth). My year was a really great bunch of girls who did all their homework, and had midnight DMC, but we also had lots of fun and crazy moments together- it was definitely a fun group of girls.


    Hey! So IYH I plan on going to Machon Raya next year if I get in. I originally was a little nervous about the girls and was scared that they were to ‘nose in the book’ type and I was also worried about the atmosphere but then I went to their open house and I walked out obsessed! I absolutely loved the alumni that they had there and they were really helpful helping to get me a picture of the place. This is what I picked up.

    The girls are mostly very smart, they are going there to learn but they also really know how to chill. They said that the work is hard but its fulfilling and the atmosphere isnt a pressured atmosphere. They said for example the night before a test they were just playing games and chilling. They all do their work but they dont let it take them over. I went over to the alumni after the open house and told them I was scared that I wouldnt have time to chill and one girl piped up, “You’re worried about chilling? Come talk to me!” She told me that the advantage of their system is that you can create your own schedule. So she for example decided that Sunday was gonna be her major work day so she had the afternoons of most of the rest of the days off. I think its an amazing system.

    The girls also looked really mature. I was just so impressed with all of them! They were down to earth, very open minded and just really all around girls! They passed around pictures of the girls from this year and they looked soo cute! When I saw they were playing basketball and I was soo excited! (Theyre dorms are stunning and I think they have their own gym).

    The girls are supposedly half and half – half out of town and half NY/NJ. I think its a great balance. They said the girls from NY who went there were the types who didnt want to be with New Yorkers. So in summary it looked like an unbelievable place for girls who are intellectual, mature, open minded and want a challenge but at the same time know how to chill and have fun.

    If you have any questions I could try to tell you what they said at the open house and what girls have told me. Good Luck!



    My daughter is a NYer- in MR now. Musicaldignity described my daughter and her friends to a T. She is smart, normal, fun, definitely working, but having a blast!



    My sister is in Machon Raya now. She’s from California. She is having an amazing time there. She is smart, but she is still able to have tons of fun.



    Lol you pple are giving yourselves away!!!!



    wow musicaldignity thank you so much! you really hit the nail on the head an gave such good information over… so I was very close to not applying there but now I think I am going to reconsider!! One point, alot of girls say that they apply to maachon raya and bnos ssara so the 2 must be on the same league. thing is, I would never think of applying to bnos soro because its not for me, so does that mean maachon raya isnt? of course you dont know my acedemic ability but do they attract those type of girls? love the sound of them playing games an chilling before a test!! thats a good balance! anyway do you know if they are quite lax with rules and they trust you or is it bit more of a schooley sem? if we end up there..I’ll make a grand announcement looking for all YWN posters who asked about seminary and we’ll compare notes 🙂


    Hey again! Im so happy to help you out – and yeah if we both end up there Ill make an announcement: “Attention shmeichel67!” and everyone will think I fell off the moon and itll be awesome…

    But anyway back to your question. Yeah so Im not applying to Bnos Sara because its probably too yeshivish for me, but I have a friend whos applying to Bnos Sara and Machon Raya. So heres what I think. The seminaries are similar in that they are both small, academic, and very nice, mature kids. Machon Raya is just a more open minded version of Bnos Sara. My two friends who are applying to Bnos Sara are both more yeshivish then me but they are also super nice and mature. So there are comparisons between them as far as learning and the out of town atmosphere but theres probably gonna be a more chilled, open environment in Machon Raya as far as what the girls are exposed to. Dont get me wrong. All the girls in Machon Raya are great girls, not rebellious or anything. But they dont necessarily come from houses where they were extremely sheltered. Im very much that way. Bnos Sara probably a bit more in the box. So yea – if Bnos Sara is not for you that does not mean at all that Machon Raya isnt. Somebody once told me that the gils in Bnos Sara want to be ‘sincere Aishes Chayils’…I think thats really admirable but its so not me. So I think Bnos Sara is definitely more aidel maidel and airy fairy while the girls in Machon Raya are just growing inside and not really talking about it or acting all ‘head in the clouds’. They are really very down to earth!

    As for rules. Im definitely looking for a place where they run on trust. The mechaneches said at the open house that they choose girls that they can trust and they treat the girls like the adults that they are and are turning into. Like other seminaries have rules about not wearing your hair down or stuff like that – totally not in Machon Raya. They have their dress code – button down and pleated like everywhere else but its supposed to be really chilled. Theyre curfew is 10:30 I think and they have courtyard curfew at 11:30. But besides for that they didnt mention any rules. They said they advise the girls on where not to go etc but they really trust them.

    Any more questions Id be glad to answer! May I ask where else you are thinking of applying? Because Im going slightly crazy. I dont want to go anywhere else but Machon Raaya! So if I dont get in (Chas Vashalom! haha) Im really up the creek.



    hi everyone so im also applying to machon raaya for this coming year and like musicaldignity i have the same problem of not knowing where else to apply… i ended up applying to bnos chava bc of the academics but i heard the girls there are pretty jappy and i dont want to go with girls like that… also shmeichel67 i also freaked out when i heard that girls are applying to machon raaya and bnos sara bc bnos sara is NOT for me… but then i heard that machon raaya is more openminded… so im just davening i get into machon raaya 🙂 cant wait to meet u all.. good luck


    HI again! Yeah dancestar I also applied to Bnos Chava but have no interest to go there. Im also praying that I get into Machon Raaya. Hope to see ya next year IYH!

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