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    DaasYochid ☕


    If anything, putting a specific price on the girls, will mean, that the girls parents, will want to have their daughters married before they turn 22, so they won’t have to worry about how to pay $4,000.00.

    You will have more girls who will want to marry so before they hit the 22 year old threshold.

    hurry, we have to get Chanie married before she hits 22 years old,otherwise, we have to pay 4 grand.

    Everyone’s already trying to marry off their daughters at 19-20, nothing will change.

    or the other scenario, shadchans not making shidduchs for girls under 22 so they can make money, once the girls hit the 22 years mark so they can earn more.

    As the saying goes, “one in the hand is worth two in the bush”.

    Besides, why would a shadchan wait for a specific girl to turn 22 instead of redting one who is already 22?



    This appears in today’s papers:

    From NASI:


    (full time, part time, dabblers)

    You are cordially invited to join

    the Ground Breaking Shidduch Program

    The shadchanus money is only for shadchanim who are registered with this program. If a non -registered shadchan makes the shidduch, the money will be returned and the family will give shadchanus as they see fit. For more details, please email .

    We look forward to hearing from anyone who makes shidduchim professionally or otherwise!

    In addition All registered shadchanim will be invited to join the numerous NASI programs active in communities around the country, including: Monsey, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Kew Gardens, Prospect Park HS, Machon 2004. These local programs appreciate and compensate shadchanim for their efforts on behalf of young women who have been dating for a number of years even if those efforts do not result in a completed shidduch.


    Dr. Pepper


    Can you share with us the simple conditions that you are making the shadchanim agree to?



    Dr P.

    Feel free to contact the project and they’ll share with you the conditions same like they will with anyone else.


    Dr. Pepper


    By asking you I am contacting the project.

    What better way is there to contact a supposedly transparent organization that to ask the head of the organization a general question in a public forum?


    Here is a real “game changer”, a Shadchan who specializes exclusively in Learner-Earners:

    We don’t normally allow outside links. Give instructions for what to google



    as promised. What you’ve been waiting for…

    From NASI



    The following is an overview of the security procedures and oversight being instituted by the NASI shidduch project:

    1. The firm Hirsch, Oelbaum, Bram, Hanover, & Lisker has been retained to set up accounting security procedures as well to provide ongoing oversight, audit and prepare year end statements. Their reports will be of public record and available upon request.

    2. All monies received will be deposited into an account named NASI Shadchan fund (this will be verifiable by each participant).

    3. Withdrawals from the fund will require two signatures, one from a list of administrative personnel, Group A, and one from Group B, which consists of a few well known Roshei Yeshiva.

    4. A contract outlining the rights and obligations of the parties has been drafted by a lawyer and reviewed by dayanim. This contract will be signed by both NASI and the participant.

    In addition a contract outlining the relationship between NASI and participating shadchanim has been drafted and will be signed by both NASI and the participating shadchan.

    5. The following language (or its equivalent) will appear in the contract between NASI and each individual participant:

    Withdrawals from NASI Shadchan fund will be permitted only for the following purposes:

    A. To pass money along to a shadchan after the wedding in the event of a completed shidduch .

    B. To pass along $500 administrative fee to NASI after the wedding in event of completed shidduch.

    C. To return monies to a participant upon their request.

    D. Any withdrawals for any other purpose will be considered willful misconduct on the part of NASI.

    6. Participants will be afforded the opportunity to send copies of their signed contracts and cancelled checks directly to the firm of Hirsch Oelbaum thus ensuring that all monies sent to NASI are accounted for.

    For more information on how to join the list please email

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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