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    Day Three of No Power.

    Why do all canned peas have sugar? Where can I find salt-free and sugar-free canned peas?

    Actually just restore my electricity please Hashem, speedily.

    Whoever said Hurricane Irma was a bluff must be extremely uninformed.

    No power no cell phone signal is so isolating.

    Some grocery stores opened yesterday. We’re flocking to buy what’s left on the shelves from last week. Yesterday I scored some old nectarines that weren’t spotted with black mold.

    Baruch Hashem my windows remained intact! It could have been worse. West coast and further south got it bad.

    Have you used a Sterno to cook eggs?

    Thank you 🙂



    So I’m guessing you posted this using one of those hand-crank emergency radios?


    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Oish, LB! I feel so bad for you! My sympathies! I sent a post (that got deleted – don’t know if it was deliberate or a computer malfunction) on the other thread. I mentioned that I was happy for you that you still had power. How are you posting without power??



    Maybe LB had an extra battery for a laptop?



    And local towers have a connection? Or does data work by satellite?



    Libby’s Naturals Canned Peas.

    No salt or sugar added.



    If LB lives in a detached home, very easy and inexpensive these days to have a back up generator installed that runs of natural gas with transfer switch that covers most circuits in the home except for AC. Obviously not an option in an apartment or condo bldg. but certainly you can have extra batteries or powerpaks for your cellphone and computer to keep them running during power outages. Cell towers have battery backup for a day or two at most so no tower, no call, even with your backup batter on the phone. Satellite phones work fine in a blackout but are still a bit pricey unless you have emergency communication needs. As for food, lots of options now for freeze-dried kosher meals like we use on camping trips etc (including several with good chassideshe hashgacha). If all else fails, cans of tuna fish work great if starvation is imminent.


    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Gadolhadorah – thanks for the explanation. Regarding the food issue, I think the main issue might be the fact that the stores are out of food because so many people stocked up before the hurricane. That is what I heard from a friend who has a relative in Hurricane territiory.

    And I would guess that a lot of people had your idea, so tuna was probably one of the first items to go!


    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    I was thinking that maybe she found somewhere where there is power to use her computer. I’m sure there are some places around that have some power (or a generator).

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