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    lamud vov tzadik

    this bubble up dictator is going according to what it says at the end of the tana devei eliyahu that in the year before moshiach is revealed all the nations of the world will be fighting with each other. Its getting interesting I wonder why Donald trump doesn’t just nuke north korea, or maybe – yeah that’s not such a good idea it will get the allies of north korea very angry. Lets just sit back and watch how this prediction of the medrash folds out.



    There are also many North Korea citizens who are innocent and don’t deserve to be killed. In addition, if The Donald reacts as he has always done, impulsively and without any inner correction, and drops a nuclear bomb on North Korea, EVERYONE, including our allies, will be quite upset. Moreover, it will open the playing field to indiscriminate nuclear use. Soon nations will be dropping nuclear bombs at any small provocation.

    As I think Einstein put it, “I do not know what weapons will be used for World War Three, but World War Four will be fought with sticks and stones.”



    1. Trump is not an idiot or a fool, no matter what the liberal media claim. North Korea is at most an annoyance to the US, even if it is a real threat to South Korea and Japan. Killing tens of millions people is not something one does without thinking, especially if there are less messy ways to accomplish the same result.

    2. Anything bigger than a tactical nuclear weapon would seriously endanger the South Koreans and the Japanese due to radication. Much of the US arsenal designed for “end of the world” situations is not useable.

    3. The South Koreans want to take over North Korea with its population and economy intact. That is the best solution from an American perspective as well.

    4. One should remember that unlike Japan and Germany in World War II, whose decision to go to war was made by leaders they elected, North Korea never had a free election. The only crime of the North Korean people is they got conquered by Kim and his family. No one elected him. Hitler, on the other hand, was a democratically chosen leader, as were the Japanese and Italian leaders in World War II.


    ☕️coffee addict

    I don’t think Japan had a free election they viewed their ruler as a god,




    These are good points. How do you know that South Korea wants to take over North Korea. I imagine it is true the other way.

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