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    L. Normanson

    Guys, I’m visiting NYC from outta town, can anyone explain this to me. Why does it seem as if the NYPD doesn’t stop issuing tickets? Can’t these guys chill out a bit? I hear the same from all my ‘out of town’ friends.

    How do you guys put up with this? (Maybe they have a keen eye for visitors…) But, really now, aren’t you guys fed up?

    On an average day it adds up to something like this: 1 parking ticket, 1 meter ticket, 1 moving violation (with 2-3 points for good measure), 1 sanitation ticket (for residents), and 1 red-light ticket…

    Sounds amazing, no?

    Well, thank god. I’m leaving the ‘ticket city’ shortly…!


    ☕️coffee addict

    its a fee for living here (foodstamps, medicaid, etc. make up for it)



    On average I guess on guy would unfortunately get a parking ticket (which includes a meter ticket), someone else maybe a moving violation (which includes a red light ticket), and maybe someone else lo aleinu a sanitation ticket.

    Generally if one tends to follow the rules he/she won’t get fined for it. Most of the rules were set in to benefit ourselves. For instance, imagine going through a red would be optional, parking haphazardly at will, leave your rubbish where you so choose… I don’t think it would be a habitable place. The more people in question, the more laws governing them is required. So while in a village of 4.5 people one may park in between both lanes (in between the double lines), and no lights are necessary (there is only one person on the road at any given time, either on this side of the intersection, or on the other), in a city of 8,244,910 (+1) rules have to be made and followed.



    ZeesKite, your whole attitude changed once you started running for mayor. It’s scary.



    Why do people who speed, run lights/stop signs, park in bus stops, double park and overstay meter time feel they deserve a break?



    I think it’s pretty rare to get a speeding ticket in NYC.



    I find it interesting when people complain about tickets. Follow the rules/laws and you wont get one!! I’ve been driving for almost 10 years and no tickets yet, b”h. My father has been driving for far more years than i know and he got maybe 2 tickets! I know many others who dont get tickets, or seldomly get tickets.

    Drive carefully and safely!




    Bscause its anti semitism when they expect a frum Jew to keep the law and enforce it!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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