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    who else here is studying for regents and which are you taking

    im taking

    US history

    Trigonometry/algebra 2

    Hebrew (foreign language)

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    I urge everyone not to use this thread for cheating

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    It is a sad commentary when we consider “HEBREW” a foreign language. When I was in school girls took the Hebrew regent in the 9th grade and boys took it in 10th or 11th, but we both still had to take a language regent in 11th grade either French or Spanish.

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    A fact that is not well known:

    The word is REGENTS, with an ‘S’ at the end. Not REGENT, as they are commonly called. Just like you wouldn’t call John Adams by the name John Adam, you shouldn’t call it a regent, but a REGENTS.

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    Yeah. aries

    The hebrew regent no longer counts as a regent.

    Due to budget cuts it is not a regent and is only offered by the bje now.

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    im not originally from ny, so maybe someone can clue me in. what exactly are regents? what is the point? what happens if you dont take them/do well on them?

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    It’s pretty much end of the year tests.

    Rather stupid because it:

    Wastes a ton of the states money, ( if you failed you were able to take them again in august and January but they just cut that)

    Annoying to teachers,

    Annoying to students.

    They are the only way that you can get a state diploma.

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    im taking american history and english….which explains why im sitting at the computer instead of studying…..

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    so you cant get a hs diploma if you dont take regents? that seems a bit unfair….do you have to take finals also, or are the regents your finals?

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    So theres two diplomas i think

    you get a regents diploma ( if you pass all of the regents) and a high school one from the actual high school.

    And most schools have finals in the subjects they don’t have regents.

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    Only chemistry! Thank god i dont have to take Trigonometry regents since i passed Algebra and Geometry..(by the skin of my teeth but still =) )

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    wow!the aguda making an ivrit regent, the Satmar Rebbe really knew what he was talking about!

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    good luck!!!I remember those days….it was a long time ago:)

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    Sister Bear

    Ahhhhhh guys good luck!!!!!!!!!!! Finals are hard enough, shudder…:) Everyone should pass with flying colors!!!!!

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    Good luck!

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    Bracha the great

    I’m taking earth science and its really annoying to be taking regents while everyone else is done and over with school and I’m sitting here trying to figure out the yichus of a rock…

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    am yisrael chai

    “trying to figure out the yichus of a rock…”

    the rock’s yichus is that Hashem made it…besides, Hashem is compared to a rock ??? ???? ????, ??? ???? ?????, etc.

    Now look at that rock in a different way!

    There’s a great story how Hashem puts a rock in front of all of us (difficult obstacles) which we need to “push” in order to strengthen our muscles…

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    wow i just took global regent i was pretty easy and to hear that from me really means that it was easy and friday is another one earth science somebody wish me luck

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    Do students in any other state take regents exams? It IS a waste of money. The teachers are teaching to the test, not to the student.

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    “the rock’s yichus is that Hashem made it”

    And by learning all the different ways HaShem has made rocks you get an even greater appreciation for HaShem!

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    well not by taking regents!

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    One purpose of a State Test is that all students taking it are taking the same exam and graded honestly. If you are a good student this is where you shine compared to some garbage that passed through school simply by being passed as a favor.

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