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    Does anyone know why all of the sudden,my iPad would tell me when I am trying to read my mail on my aol account,that it cannot get my mail because the user name or password is incorrect?? I haven’t changed anything,and when I go on my computer,I can access my aol mail just fine. I tried rebooting,it did nothing. I tried deleting the account and putting it in again,but nothing. What does this mean? I am very un technically savvy!



    that can happen. first make sure you have a decent amount of battery. what you can do is you can not only turn off the ipad but hold down the power button to totally shut it off and then slide your finger across the screen as told to do and power it off, wait a minute or two and then power it on. if this doesn’t help then sometimes waiting a day or two can help.



    i’ve had the same with my ipod touch and my gmail. did u try going into your settings to mail,contact,calendar settings. try re-entering your passcode for the account . usually works for me




    Call 1800-my-apple and tell them wat happened



    Big Brother Apple is watching you at all times.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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